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Mar 16, 2014

The People's Collection - A Special Exhibition

It was a sunny, sultry afternoon when I went to the National Museum of Singapore on Friday, 14 March, 2014.

Incidentally, I had passed by the museum a few days ago and posted on my personal blog .

Thanks to the National Museum of Singapore and MediaCorp for their cordial invitation to "The People's Collection - A Special Exhibition" at the National Museum of Singapore on 14 March, 2014.

I appreciate the courtesy of MediaCorp's e-invite: "Our Treasure Hunters searched the nation to uncover and curate treasures that could form the intricate links to our nation's past and this exhibition is the climax of more than 6 months of effort from inception to completion.

The People's Collection - A Special Exhibition is a collaboration between the National Museum of Singapore and MediaCorp Pte Ltd (Channel NewsAsia) following the telecast of the documentary series titled "Treasure Hunt".  The documentary, produced by Channel NewsAsia, centres on the idea that "there is a little bit of history in all our homes", and involves a call to Singaporeans to bring out the objects that they hold dear.  The items showcased in the documentary, ranging from intricate memorabilia to the cherished heirlooms of individuals, families, collectors and institutions across the country, will be presented at the National Museum of Singapore as part of a special exhibition highlighting our collective heritage.  Featuring the personal stories behind each of these objects and their collectors, this exhibition is a testament to how everyday items, which may otherwise be left unappreciated, could be significant to understanding one's heritage".

It was my pleasure and honor to meet at the exhibition, Ms Debra Soon, Managing Director of Channel NewsAsia, the brain snd creativity behind this meaningful Singapore memory project as tribute to our Pioneer Generations; curator Ms Tan Teng Teng and the charismatic and friendly presenters of the "Treasure Hunt" series, international television host and travel presenter, Anita Kapoor and resident archaeologist Chen Sian.  Credit and thanks to the wonderful teams to everyone in the project to help the  young and old, Singaporeans and foreign visitors at the exhibition to share the collective memories for many us to learn about "a little bit of history in all our homes" in Singapore over the decades.  Thanks to all the contributors for their precious treasures to exhibit and share.

  Anita Kapoor and  Chen Sian were the Mistress and Master of Ceremony respectively

I was undecided whether this photo of me with a funny look with Chen Sian to be posted on the blog,  but thought it doesn't matter.  Sometimes I could have some fun ... haha.

Please watch the Treasure Hunt video with the courtesy of Tan Teng Teng.

When I arrived punctually at Level 2, Glass Atrium of the National Musuem Singapore, I met many blogger and nostalgia friends.  A few of them I have not met in person but familiar faces whom I have seen them on TV in the recent MediaCorp "Treasure Hunt" serial. 

Photo with my curator friend, Tan Teng Teng

This photo with my former HDB colleague, Mr Khor Ean Ghee.  It was a pleasant surprise because it was almost 40 years since we last met at the former HDB Cash Office in Maxwell Road.  After I introduced myself, Ean Ghee remembered that I was the former cashier who served him every month in the past to cash his pay cheque.  This special service for HDB staff has since ceased with payment of salary was banked in to the individual staff's bank accounts.

Ean Ghee, a former Interior Designer at the HDB, designed the "Dragon Playground" in Toa Payoh in the 1970s.  The unique playground designs reflected aspects of Singapore’s culture and identity.   He was happy when I mentioned him the news that the iconic dragon playground in Toa Payoh escapes demolition.

The well-known "Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh" is featured in the National Heritage Board here .

My young friend from the National Museum of Singapore
I met my blogger friend Andy Lim of  "Singapore 60s: Andy's Pop Music Influence" and he was at the exhibition with his 7-year-old grandson.  Andy is a contributor to the People's Collection with vinyl records of Singapore pop groups from the 1960s which has been hailed as the "Golden Age of Singapore Music".  He blogs here .

I did not meet Xiang Yun (向云), the veteran and household name of MediaCorp actress and director among Chinese drama TV for over a decade.  However, at the special preview of "The People's Collection", a specially designed vintage TV set was screening Xiang Yun in episode of "Treasure Hunt" video for the visitors to enjoy.  A few screenshots are shown in the above photos.

How nice to have Mr Lee Woon Chiang, Director "Uncle Ringo" to remember me when he saw me from a distance and waved at me.  A warm handshake and wonderful to meet again after so many years.
We worked together for a short period on the "Great Great World" movie project to create a retro-mini Great World Amusement Park in Sengkang with many kiddie ride machines.  "Uncle Ringo" website here .

Uncle Ringo sitting beside a treasure horse kiddy ride exhibit which he mentioned in an episode of "Treasure Hunt".  Since this is the "Year of the Horse", touching the exhibit would bring everyone luck.  "Huat Ah"!

Uncle Ringo wanted to look at my "treasure exhibit" as my humble contribution for the "People's Collection" at the exhibition booth. There is "a little bit of history in my home" as collective memories of pioneer generations to share with everyone.

For those who are interested to find out more about the Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961, please watch the Suria Channel Terbit 03 - Bukit Ho Swee and Tiong Bahru Area fires (in Malay with English Subtitles) video. Thanks to the courtesy of the Tiong Bahru Secondary School as uploaded on YouTube for sharing.



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