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Feb 4, 2014

River Hongbao Fair 2014

Lunar New Year of the Horse is ushered in to celebrate the coming of spring at River Hongbao 2014!   It is held at Singapore’s iconic Floating Platform @ Marina Bay and organised by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Tourism Board and People’s Association, River Hongbao is proud to present yet another exciting event in 2014.  Please find out more information  here .

Photo courtesy of the 春到河畔迎新年2014 event website

This blog is shared here with the photos I have taken on 2 February, 2014 from my personal sentiments and experiences.

Visitors to the River Hongbao Fair 2014 are encouraged to share their personal collective memories, photos and stories to the Singapore Memory Portal .

Please check out my contributions to the "Memories of River Hongbao 1992" here .

At the River Hongbao celebrations 22 years ago, the venue was held at the Singapore River near the Asian Civilisations Museum.  The present venue at Marina Bay floating platform along the same river was still not developed the land and space for public events.

Over the decades, River Hongbao carnivals has improved with better programmes and events with new and fresh ideas to design lanterns, kiddie games, cultural performances, handicraft street and food street.

Besides the events for Chinese Singaporeans and other ethnic groups, foreign visitors and tourists flocks to the River Hongbao events to bring home with happy and unforgettable memories of this tourist attraction.

The candid photos selected in this blog to focus on family-orientated, multi-racial, multi-cultural activities with fun and merriment for young and old.  Celebration in harmony for everyone.
The sweet little girl with her Mum to enjoy at the games stalls.
The "Derby Race" Game Stall
As I watched these two boys in kiddie race cars, I wish I could be young like them again ... when I was at their age so many years ago, I drove in the fun and exciting race cars in the Great World Amusement Park.

Mum had fun in the game with this young girl



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