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Mar 3, 2014

Teddy Bear Park in Taiwan

What better family outing on a sunny Sunday to visit the Teddy Bear Park in Taiwan?

The "Teddy Bear Museum" at Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan during my recent visit to share my personal experience on this blog.

The brightly colorful bears, all made by local artists, display various aspects of life in Taiwan. The agriculture-themed bears, for example, will feature designs inspired by coffee beans, flowers and mushrooms, all of which are grown in central Taiwan.  Along with other bear-themed events, the so-called Teddy bear carnival aims to arouse a festive spirit ahead of Christmas while also raising Taichung's profile as a tourist destination.  Other events include an exhibit of Teddy bears from 12 different countries, colorful parades, flea markets and public concerts.

There were also many foreign tourists at the park, including myself, to create fond memories with cameras to remember and store in our "memory storage" and family albums many years in the future.


The park is conveniently located in a busy business and shopping center in Taichung, Taiwan with heavy traffic in the area.

Across the road to another side of the park.

This teddy bear sponsored by a 太陽餅 (sun biscuit) maker in Taiwan
妈妈我渴了, 我要喝水!

Buskers at the Park

The spray-painted drawings at NT300 per piece
A Taiwanese busker to show his stuff
A beautifully landscaped garden in the park

Public performance by young Taiwanese actresses

Handcrafted trinkets for sale

Pet puppies for sale

Dolphin toy for blowing bubbles

I did not leave the Teddy Bear Park empty -handed.  The young guy demostrated a dolphin bubble-maker toy and I was interested.  I bought a complete toy kit with soap solution for a special price at NT500, and he told me not to tell anybody else at this special discount  ; )

I brought this home as a gift for my "Made-in-UK" grand-daughter who visited Singapore with her Mum and Dad during the Chinese New Year.

Time for Ice-Cream at the park

Time to call home to Singapore

Goodbye Teddy Bear Park.  Goodbye Taiwan!



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