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Mar 13, 2014

Recycled Packaging Material Use As Artwork

The best parts of my first trip to Taiwan in January, 2014 was to discover many surprises which I have not heard, seen or read about in my lifetime.  Call me a "suaku" whom I must admit.

This shows how very little I know about Taiwan and the many tourist attractions which frequent travellers to the country would know more than me.  Please allow me to share my personal experiences and my ignorance to my Taiwan friends.

On 1 January, 2014 as we were about to return to our hotel in the evening, our tour guide Louis told us that we would be visiting a special restaurant in Taichung the next evening for dinner.  We were required to place our order for one main dish for chicken, mutton or fish.  These orders to be made in advance because our group was about 130 pax.

It was like a "mystery meal" in a "mystery place" in Taiwan to me.  Many of my friends may have been there before though.  So no surprises to them.

As night fell, I found my answers.  Let these photos taken by me and other photos shared on the Internet, acknowledged with thanks to the kind contributors.

Almost everything in Carton King (紙箱王) is made by corrugated paper, such as ceiling, tables, chairs, lanterns, plates, pen…etc. In souvenir store, it offers not only your usual paper products, but also paper hats and bags made from leather-like paper.  Awsome!

How can an ordinary, humble-looking corrugated cardboard for packaging to be used as material as a creative artwork and other practical purposes like furniture or camouflaged with electronic cookers?

As I discover and done more research on the Internet, I would like to blog here to share with those who have not been to this world's weidest restaurant as posted in the YouTube video clip.

More to learn from Huffington Post here .

The Carton King Creativity Park with more surprises at the Carton King website to explore and enjoy.  Have fun!



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