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Feb 3, 2011

3D Blog - Festive Street Bazaar (Part 3)

Location: Shot from a housing estate near Sago Lane in Chinatown Singapore. Photo Credit: William Cho

Contrast in the City...
The Business District and Chinatown area is clearly defined when seen from high above.

The famous Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple,oldest Hindu temple at the heart of Chinatown Singapore. Singapore's earliest Chinese and Indian Muslim places of worship are located in Chinatown. Photo Credit: William Cho

Photo Credit: William Cho.

A glimpse of Smith Street, Chinatown Singapore by night. Not quite that nostalgic as the good old days. Photo Credit: William Cho

While posting "3D Blog - Festive Street Bazaar (Part 3)", I did not just dump all the "Walk the Blog" as a photo gallery from the ordinary digital camera.

I hope to share the so-called "third dimension" as my personal experience on this blog topic with the relevant text and photos from various sources with the courtesy of PICAS, YouTube,Google Map, photos and paintings from professional photographers and artists which have been contributed and published on previous blogs. The research and resources from the Internet through acknowledgement with thanks to them for collective memories.

I discovered the magnificient photoshots of Chinatown by William Cho at Flickr and wanted these unusual photos on this blog for everyone to share.

As a matter of courtesy, I emailed William for his kind permission and explained that these photos were not used for commercial or for profit purposes. William promptly replied my email:
Hi James,

just go ahead and use the pics. Good to know you like it.

Have a nice day. Happy Lunar New Year! Cheers bro!

Thanks to William Cho for his graciousness from a fellow Singaporean. Cheers Brother!

A brief profile of William and more here .
I am a self taught freelance graphic designer/photographer from Singapore. Worked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the 80's and have travelled across Europe, New Caledonia, Mauritius, Re-union Island, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and japan.

Ever since I was young my dad has encouraged me to be a photographer as if he knows what my future will be. I was naive then thinking it's a boring job shooting family portraits, passport photos and what not. But after secondary school, I chose Graphic Design and began a career as a graphic designer ever since. It was then that I realized through my design career that photography has a much wider scope of creativity. However it was a bit late to change my career. I still dabble in photography as a hobby but no plans to be a professional photographer then as the equipment & processing costs is pretty steep.

Time passes by so quickly and i have already joined the ranks of the retirees. It was when digital started to reach its peak creating a new era in digital photography that I began to look at what it can offer. The great thing with photography is that you'll never stop learning. Always a new point of view, a new technique, a new aspect. With my design knowledge and photoshop skill, getting my pictures right is not much of a problem. I have known some film photographers who are reluctant to make the switch to digital. Reason? Either they do not have the processing skill which is crucial for post processing or they are simply too ignorant of the progress of the digital age. Sad to say, they were all left behind.

Courtesy of TheAsianOak on YouTube video-clip, posted on 4 Feb, 2007.

Sorry for the interception and interruption to switch to another channel "time-zone" on the blog. Please pause and then scroll at your own pace and convenience to view the same place, different times. Thank you.

Chinatown Singapore 1960s. Photo Credit: Derek Tait

Chinatown Singapore 1960s. Photo Credit: Derek Tait

Shopping for Chinese New Year at Chinatown "nong nong ago" here .

Source: National Archives of Singapore (NAS). Did you spot the difference of photos captured from a similar photography angles or spots in Chinatown then and now. The photos of the same place, at different times juxtaposed the coloured photos in between the black & white photo to see an effect for viewing the "Third Dimension (3D)" on this blog.

Next: Chinatown Food Street



Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, beautiful photos that capture the spirits of Chinese New Year and Chinatown! :)

February 4, 2011 at 11:40 AM  
Blogger Unk Dicko said...

A most captivating post with lots of memorable snapshots. Only thing missing is the smoke and sound of firecrackers - not your fault :) !

February 4, 2011 at 2:29 PM  
Blogger sim hui hwang said...

Great, Mr Seah! I like this post very much. Despite the lack of colour processing in pictures taken in the sixties, somehow I hanker over the so-called 'uglier' pictures of the squat, stodgy behinds of the man and the samfoo-clad lady in the pics taken by Mr Derek Tek.

Mr Seah, you have taken very good photos capturing the new year festivities and mood, especially the picture of the chestnut seller, the shiny pomelos and the sweet vendors.

Somehow the beautiful packaging makes the whole atmosphere more high-end and the orderliness is far different from the clutter that once took centre-stage during the lunar new year festivities of the 1960s.

The black and white pictures tell of a world where fashion sense or the lack of it once ruled Chinatown. I believe the fashionistas would have thronged the Robinsons and bought their kua chi from Cold Storage.

What a change it is to see that fashion is no longer a way to decide which enclave one comes from where lunar new year shopping is concerned.

I agree absolutely with Mr Yip that the smoke and the sound of the fire crackers can never be replicated on the pictures. By the way, was there ever a parade of free-lancers in Cai Shen Ye's outfit like what we saw in the malls? Ha ha!

February 5, 2011 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Thank you Alfred.

More awesome photos of Singapore by William Cho here .


February 6, 2011 at 1:13 PM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

unk Dicko and Miss Sim, thank you for you compliments and encouragement. Appreciate your moral support to keep me blogging and to enjoy my hobby to share with those interested.

I still have lots to practice, learn and share our experiences.

Thank you folks. You make my day!

February 6, 2011 at 1:21 PM  

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