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Jan 22, 2011

Heritage Phone Museum

This incidental blog is posted from the National Library Building on Level 8 after visiting the "Many Ways Of Seeing III" exhibition.

"Many Ways of Seeing III (MWOS III)" is a design thinking and appreciation programme that Republic Polytechnic's School of Technology for the Arts (STA) organised for DesignSingapore Council to reach out to primary and secondary school students.

Students who attend MWOS III will benefit in these areas:

1. Inspire creativity: Inspire creativity in our young through an open exploration of design concepts and design thinking skills.

2. Provide opportunities to observe designers: Provide a unique opportunity for our teachers and students to work with designers as well as to learn new design techniques and gain an insight into the creative industries.

3. Appreciate design and design thinking: Help students to develop the design awareness they need, to be tomorrow's discerning consumers and clients, as well as develop student's critical and inventive thinking skills with design thinking.

Among the various interesting exhibits, I was attracted to the presentation by Pei Hwa Secondary School.

Exhibit Title: "Heritage Phone Museum"

On their observation trip, the students came across a few things - an abandoned cinema, many lonely old folks and generally a quiet town which can do with more traffic. Putting all these together, the idea for a heritage museum is formed.

A remake of the old cinema, the heritage museum is designed to provide a sense of familiarity for the old folks and an education opportunity for the young. Designed to engage, the museum comprise of features such as a ride which bring back into the past, a 3D theatre that screens old films and an interactive heritage phone to listen to the history of Singapore.

The following write-up by Ng Pei Kang

When most people think of Singapore, the first impression that comes to mind is usually something virtual or even a smell - towering clusters of HDB flats, the spouting Merlion, or the stir-fry fragrance of Char Kway Teow. But what about sounds?

A modified heritage phone, 'Dial onto the Past' allows the museum visitor to dial into the unique sounds of Singapore - sounds which have grown with us over the last decades. Immerse in the serenity of kampong cricket sounds, the rythmic chant of 'mah-pi-poh' from newspaper sellers, or even most recently, the booming roar of F1 engines. Just pick up the phone, select the location you're interested in and dial in to the analogue pace of yesteryear!

The visitors leaving the past after the dialling to move forward to the present and the future.

A learning journey well worth the trip, a phone call away to be educated the history lessons about Singapore!

Go visit the "Many Ways of Seeing III (MWOS III)" creative talent showcase soon at National Library Building, 8th Level. The exhibition ends in February, 2011. It doesn't last forever. Admission and knowledge is free while available now!



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