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Apr 3, 2011


葉金福, 六十四歲
2008 年活躍樂齡- 資訊通信推動奬得主

我年輕的時候,常常聽到別人說我"什么都會,但無一精通"。我本身非常不喜歡這句話,它意味着失敗。我并不想要失敗。 老實說,只要肯花時間和耐心,一定可以學習新知識。

48 年前(1963),我自學四弦琴。任何人都能學會這個樂器,可是要精通,則需要有無限的熱情。隨着年齡越來越大,我們應該時刻緊記,無論是學習資科技,樂器,活動或興趣,凡事都應以簡短為妙。

在 2006/2007 年,我在机緣巧合下,自學資訊科技和搏客。我想證明自已不會永遠是科技盲。您可在我的博客 閱讀詳情。

2008 年,我榮獲活躍樂齡理事會和新加坡資訊通信發展管理侷主辦的第一笛的活躍樂齡 - 資訊通信推動奬。身為活躍樂齡奬得主,經常有人問我有什么動力。我的動力來自于我知道自己可以用不同的方法做事,也知道自己可以做得到!我也知道自己可以幫助別人遵循 "凡事以簡洁為妙"的原則,取得成功.

2010 年 9 月,我開始每個星期帶着我的四弦琴到民眾俱樂部和其他樂齡一起唱歌。在短期的兩個月里,我成立了以四弦琴,吉他和敲出樂器伴奏的表演小組 "Dick Yip and the Garden Minstrels", 并且受邀在各大小活動上表演,也接受了黃金時段的新聞訪問。




Blogger sim hui hwang said...

Hi James, it must be something good about the Active Agers' Carnival at Suntec City. I can't read Chinese fluently, and it slows me down. Very stressful lah.

Will read it when I am free from stress later on.

Saw pics of you. Must be having an enjoyable time there!

April 4, 2011 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Thank you, Hui Hwang.

I am just practising Chinese to use the iPhone update the blog of Unk Dicko's translated interview in 50Plus Expo 2011 do avoid boredome and stress.

You are very observant to spot my untagged photo taken at the Expo for souvenir. An interesting and enjoyable time.

Unfortunately missed the "Uncle Dick Yip and the Garden Minstrels" performance at Suntec City.

April 5, 2011 at 1:57 PM  
Blogger Lam Chun See said...

I like the top photo. Unk Dicko and friends look like what my daughter would call, "cool laodies".

April 6, 2011 at 8:49 PM  

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