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Jul 9, 2009

PANPAC Education

Take a look at the clock on the right of the photo above.

Its 1.00 am on Thursday, 9 July.

While most people would now be in "dreamland" weaving their beautiful dreams, these three young ladies from the PANPAC group are on stage at The Plaza, National Library Building.

They are still wide awake and did not show any signs of sleepiness. Reading loudly in Chinese with gusto, the lady on the extreme left appears to be enjoying a good read.

Its going to be a long haul for them until 7.00 time for breakfast :)

Bravo Ladies! This is the kind of spirit which helped the Singapore Women's Everest Team to conquer Mount Everest recently. Read on!

According to Mr Koh Swee Yang, Managing Editor of Panpac Education, the group spent about two weeks to prepare for the reading marathon.

The team supports the READ! Singapore programs and activities, including the "Reading Marathon 2009" as it is a very meaningful way to spread the joy of reading and books, and to create awareness of the National Library's wide range of educational resources.

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