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Jul 7, 2009

Reading Marathon 2009 - Taxi Sifu Club

The "Taxi Sifu Reading Club" has been described as 'a successful example of a learning community within the public library. This is an apt description of the Special Interest Group (SIG). It is an informal club for cabbies who love books and reading.

I learnt from Mr Tan Seng Lee, Chairman of the "Taxi Sifu Reading Club" that he has been driving taxi for over 30 years.

He lives in Ang Mo Kio and a frequent visitor to the Ang Mo Kio Branch Library, where he loaned Chinese books to read during his spare time.

In 2005, he was approached by Mrs Kiang-Koh Lai Lin, Director of Reading Initiatives, Public Libraries, Singapore to form a Reading Club.

On 23 July, 2005, the "Taxi Sifu Reading Club" was formed.

Mr Tan was also active in the various activities and programs organised by the National Library.

He found that through the interactive discussion group, he gets connected with fellow cabbies who share the same interest in reading.

The National Library provides them with the place to meet and the books to read.

Check out the special feature article of the "Taxi Sifu Club" in The Star Online.

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Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Hi James, wah I didn't even know the Taxi Sifu club was reported in Malaysia.

August 19, 2009 at 3:35 PM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Yes Ivan, our local Taxi Sifu Club is indeed an unique group. I wouldn't be surprised that the tazi sifu in Malaysia would also start a book reading club there.

August 20, 2009 at 7:00 AM  

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