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Jul 9, 2009

Malay Reading Club

The clock on the wall is ticking away, and the "Reading Marathon 2009" is in its last lap....6 days after it was launched on Friday, 3 July.

The event had clocked in 131 Hr 18 Min 38 Sec when the above photo was taken.

Che Jamilah Bte Mahmud, aged 52, was reading aloud on stage with passion. Her intonation was expressive as she articulated a chapter from "Jodoh Internet" (Match-making on the Internet). The book, "Kumpulan Cerpen Millenia" in Malay was written by her favorite author Helmilina Muhamad Som.

Helmilina is our home-bred author and currently a secondary school Malay Language teacher. She received awards from Suria MediaCorp for her involvement in a Malay program on a local radio station.

Che Jamilah is the leader of the Malay Reading Club. 18 members from the reading club participated in the marathon today, (8 July, 2009) from 7.00 pm to 1.00 am.

The Malay Reading Club comprise of students from Madrasah Aljunied, St. Andrew Secondary School and grassroot leaders from the Geylang Community Club.

Relating her personal experience in reading books, Che Jamilah said that her daughters, one doing Honours Degree in NUS and another studying in the Polytechnic, love reading more than her youngest son, a Junior College student who is active in "Zikir Barat", soccer and music.

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Participants from Madrasah Aljunied



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