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Jan 26, 2013

Father of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee: Internet Hall of Fame Innovator

How did the great invention of the 20th Century come about and who is Tim Berners-Lee, the English scientist who passed his great invention on to humanity?

The World Wide Web ("WWW" or simply the "Web") is a global information medium which users can read and write via computers connected to the Internet. The term is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the Internet itself, but the Web is a service that operates over the Internet, just as e-mail also does.

The history of the Internet dates back significantly further than that of the World Wide Web.

The hypertext portion of the Web in particular has an intricate intellectual history; notable influences and precursors include Vannevar Bush's Memex,IBM's Generalized Markup Language,and Ted Nelson's Project Xanadu.

The concept of a home-based global information system goes at least as far back as "A Logic Named Joe", a 1946 short story by Murray Leinster, in which computer terminals, called "logics," were in every home.

Although the computer system in the story is centralized, the story captures some of the feeling of the ubiquitous information explosion driven by the Web.

Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (born 8 June 1955), also known as "TimBL", is a British computer scientist, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.

He made a proposal for an information management system in March 1989,and he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet sometime around mid November, 1989.

More information about Tim Berners Lee on Wikipedia here .

This is the treasured picture of Thimbuktu taken with the "Father of the World Wide Web", Tim Berners-Lee, at the Computer History Museum on October 22, 2003. Tim received the "CHM Fellow Award" for his seminal contributions to the development of the World Wide Web.

The Computer History Museum ( CHM ) is located at 1401, N. Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, California, USA.

Tim was made Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth in the 2004 New Year's Honours list in recognition of his "services to the global development of the Internet" through the invention of the World Wide Web.

This fond nostalgic memories posted to the Singapore Memory portal here .



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