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Dec 31, 2012

Christmas@Orchard 2012

It is Christmastime at Orchard Road in Singapore, the "happening street" to reminisce the holiday celebations by everyone.

The century-old tradition of Christmas in Singapore is the most unlikely place.

Singapore does not have snow, no snowman, no reindeer sledge to ride, real Christmas fir trees to decorate with colorful lighting.

The event organisers for Christmas celebrations in a wet and hot country are innovative, creative with imaginations and ideas for the colorful decorative designs and themes to present every year differently with new stuff.  One of them many years ago was "Christmas in the Tropics" with Santa Claus riding in trishaws.

The following 3 photos from my personal "Merry Christmas 2005" album collection to share on this blog. 

In multi-religious, multi-cultural Singapore, Christmas is celebrated as a festival for all Singaporeans, Christians and non-Christians alike. 

Kids love Christmas, like my daughter Maylene in these photos taken in 1986.

Maylene at Orchard Road in 1986
Juxtaposed photos at Orchard Road in December, 2012.  The same spot where the photo was taken in 1986.

Same place, same person at different times, different experiences in life adventures and journeys.  Strive on heedfully to enjoy your life for peace and happiness, Maylene.

Congratulations Vince and Maylene.



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