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Jan 8, 2013

Birth of "Diary of A Nation" Blog

I have the pleasure to announce the creation of a new blog: "Diary of A Nation".

While searching for further update about Bukit Ho Swee fire on YouTube, I found that a documentary TV series produced by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the predecessor of MediaCorp TV in 1988.

With courtesy of Caix92 for thanks and acknowledgement, the series of "Diary of A Nation" on TV Singapura 25 years ago and are converted into video and posted to YouTube. As I seldom watched TV in those days, I missed the entire "Diary of A Nation" documentary TV series.

The purpose of the "Diary of A Nation" blog serves as an exclusive easy-to-use  index compiled by video title of 37 episodes on YouTube. The blog address at as the original title with its name "Diary of A Nation".

The younger generations of Singaporeans could learn from this series of  SBC documentary video as part of  national education of the history of the tumultuous periods of Singapore in the early days of our nationhood.

For our convenience, the posted YouTube video titles are listed below:

Episode 1  - Radio Singapura
Episode 2  - Family Planning
Episode 3  - Community Centres
Episode 4  - Homes for Our People
Episode 5  - TV Singapura
Episode 6  - National Service
Episode 7 - Confrontation
Episode 8 - The 1955 Election
Episode 9 - Water Rationing
Episode 10 - Hock Lee Bus Riots
Episode 11 - National Junior College
Episode 12 - Bukit Ho Swee Fire
Episode 13  - Election for Self Government
Episode 14 - Our Own Currency
Episode 15 - University of Singapore
Episode 16 - Mass X-Ray Campaign
Episode 17 - First Factory in Jurong
Episode 18 - Formation of ASEAN
Episode 19 - Separation from Malaysia
Episode 20 - Changes in Labour Laws
Episode 21 - Paya Lebar Airport
Episode 22 - Referendum on Merger
Episode 23 - National Trades Union Congress
Episode 24 - Teachers'Training College
Episode 25  - The Japanese Surrender
Episode 26 - Women's Charter
Episode 27 - Keep Singapore Clean
Episode 28 - Singapore Citizenship Ordinance
Episode 29 - Singapore Polytechnic
Episode 30  - Singapore Bus Service
Episode 31 - British Withdrawal
Episode 32  - National Library
Episode 33 - The Prime Minister's Constituency Tours
Episode 34 - Chinese School Students' Examination Boycott
Episode 35 - Flag and Anthem
Episode 36  - Singapore's First Parliament
Episode 37 - Mariah Hertogh Riots



Blogger Lam Chun See said...

Thanks James for sharing this gems. Will take my time to watch them.

January 9, 2013 at 7:25 PM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Target in front, on your own!

January 9, 2013 at 11:02 PM  

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