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Dec 2, 2012

Talent is Ageless

This blog continues with the "Memories through Melodies" to sing, dance and be merry at the "Singing Festival 2012" at Kovan Hub on November 24, 2012.

Every precious memorable moments are captured with the camera...miss them and they are gone forever.

I love watching kids in their natural, candid, unposed photos in their happy moods when they are happy and their unrehearsed moments of enjoyment.  No scripts by directors. Childhood is at their best time of pure, innocence joy!

I was not at the community event to be a talent scout for MediaCorps.

I snapped the following photos of two young girls which held me my attention with amusement and was astounded.  An impromptu performance of the little girls while their auntie was singing on the stage.

Initially, I thought the girls were playing with the colorful confetti on the floor...

Wow...the little girls started to dance on stage with style...


 A surprise showtime entertainment for the audience responded with loud applause for their enjoyment.

Talent is ageless.  The young children are talented to express their talents in dance, sing, musical instruments,drawings, paintings and other forms of the Arts.  Please do not stop them from these happy expression and be "ageist".  "Ageist" refers to the young and elders when we discriminate people.

When everyone dance, sing and be merry, please give them vent to their feelings to forget about stress and so called "pressure" by other people if any.  Never mind if some neighbors were singing too loudly in the bathrooms...

Parents at home to be the childrens' audience and let them entertain you!

The not-so-young enjoy themselves at the "Singapore Festival" here:

An excerpt from the song "Run Free"...

Run free and wild lose your mind,
Escape your inhibitions,
Taste the wind,
Let your hair down,
Throw your hands up

Go, go, go,
But don't forget the consequences
Go, go, go,
Let go, running free

A great community evening for young and old, guy and gals, everyone...Enjoy!



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