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Jul 26, 2009

Blogging as a hobby

The following are some of the results of a google search for the definition of hobby:

A hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit.

An activity that one enjoys doing in one's spare time;

hobbies - Making money and eating

hobbies - Eating lasagna, sleeping, tricking Odie, watching TV

So should blogging be defined as a hobby?

Since blogging is an activity that I enjoy doing currently in my spare time, I would consider it as a hobby. Maybe its just me, and I speak only for myself.

I have been pondering over the countless hobbies that people have, ranging from collection of stamps, bus tickets, currency notes and coins, paper bags, shoes to rare paintings and antiques. Does anybody have a complete list of hobbies in the world?

Of all living creatures big and small created by God, man (and that includes women) are the only ones with hobbies. Animals, birds, fishes, insects and other mammals do not have hobbies.

As far as hobby is concerned, there is no right or wrong. As the saying goes, "One man's meat is another man's poison", nobody can assert on another person that he should have the same hobby. To each his own choice of hobby ( wondering if this is incorporated in the United Nation Charter of Human Rights ; )

People who share the same hobby gets together to form "Special Interest Group" (SIG) though. Clubs and societies for hobbies such as stamp collecting, photography, quilt knitting and patchwork, handicraft, model aeroplanes and cars, rearing of tropical fishes, orchid planting, etc are the places where 'birds of the same feather flock together'. These are some of the activities which like-minded people enjoy doing during their pastime. At these hobbies club meetings, the veterans will show the ropes to the 'newbies', guide them, share their experiences and passion to promote the hobby.

Have you ever heard from someone who describes work as a 'hobby'?

A former colleague of mine was so fed-up with people asking him, "Hey, why are you working so late? You don't have a life, is it? They labelled him a workaholic and passed caustic remarks like "Come on, don't spoil the market lah". He doesn't care. It is his own rice-bowl which he had to take care. Why allow other people to break his rice-bowl with frivolous words? He just carried on to get his work done and perform his daily task.

This colleague once told me, "You know, actually I wanted to scream at these people and ask them: "If I do not stay back to clear my urgent workstuff, will you guys help to complete them for me?"

To avoid creating animosity and ill-will, he did not argue with his critics. Instead, he good-naturedly gave his signature reply to these sarcastic remarks: "Its not work. Its my hobby" ; )

Sometimes, he will tell people that his wife has a Japanese woman's mentality. If he leave the office on the dot, she will think that he is a irresponsible person and a work shirker : )

Anyways, all that is already the past and over. He is now happily retired, enjoying his days with the sun, sea and sand at the beach, surfing and sailing (sssss...not zzzzz  ; ).

This then is his real as a "hobby" was just an excuse to get crabby people to leave him alone when he was still working in a regular job...."economically active", as defined by IRAS.

Do you know of any unusual hobbies that people have? Please share them with us in this blog.



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