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Oct 23, 2013

TYROS - Digital Storytelling

Source:  NewspaperSG
The sombre story of the Hari Raya Haji inferno is vividly told in this Straits Times serial picture of the Delta-Tiong Bahru area fifty-two years ago.

Another Straits Times headline on 23 June, 1961 told another story of "Govt. speeds up housing on the Bukit Ho Swee site".

Source:  NewspaperSG

At a typical workshop, participants will create a digital story (video). The process is fun, educational, systematic, meaningful and rewarding.

While technology and media features in each workshop, the focus is really on the story and the storytelling. STORY the TYROS way is unique and different because it is about…

    Telling (it must be articulated)
    Your (and not anyone else’s) Story of
    Relationship (with yourself, a person, a place, an event, an object, a    word spoken, a custom, a company,a brand)
    Of meaning (what does it mean to ME?) through
    Sharing (It’s not just about   StoryTELLING but also    StoryLISTENING. It’s about community. It’s
    about a story shared. Only in the sharing of meaning would hearts  be moved and change can be affected.)

Tyros ran a Storytelling for a Digital Age here .

Digital Storytelling by TYROS with multimedia channels to remember the past for the memories of everyone for posterity.

Suria Channel Terbit - Bukit Ho Swee Fires (in Malay with English Subtitles) was screened on MediaCorp TV.



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