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Sep 9, 2013

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival for Young and Old

The 9.6 metre tall, 7metre by 7 metre wide giant lantern light-up

"Kaleidoscope of Lantern - Lighting Up the World"

The Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 celebrations and light-up was officially launched by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Social and Family Development, Dr Lily Neo, Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC and Mr Vincent Tan, PBM (Organizing Chairman) on 7 September 2013.

Photo (left to right)  Mr Chan Chun Sing, Mr Teo Chee Hean, Dr Lily Neo, Mr Vincent Tan.

Welcoming Speech by Dr Lily Neo at Chinatown Festive Street Light-up
With over 20,000 multi-coloured lanterns featured in the Chinatown Festive Street Light-up, Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee has set a new record in the Singapore Book of Records for the “Largest Display of Street Lanterns” beating last year’s 16,800 lanterns.

The 9.6 metre tall, 7metre by 7 metre wide giant lantern which is erected between New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street and facing Chinatown Point. Made up of over 580 multi-coloured lanterns, this giant lantern has also achieved the new record, “Largest Lantern Structure made of Lanterns” in the Singapore Book of Records.The certificate was presented to Mr Vincent Tan, PBM (Organizing Chairman) by Mr Ong Eng Huat, President of Singapore Book of Records.

Chinatown Festive Street

The Giant Lantern before the light-up

Visitors From All Over the World

The international visitors and tourists came to Chinatown, Singapore to watch the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festive Street Light-Up on 7 September 2013.  Most of the tourists and visitors were visiting Singapore for the first time and heard about this Chinese traditional and cultural once-a-year "happening" from the Internet or other mass media.  They would like to bring home fond nostalgic memories to store in their "memory bank" and remember to pass on for posterity.

The photos of a few of them were posed with their consent to post to this blog for memories of Chinatown, Singapore.  They are from Poland, Slovakia, France, China, Taiwan, neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and our fellow Singaporeans.

Make-Up by Performers Before the Show

Mid-Autumn Festive Goodies in Chinatown

The Chinese communities worldwide celebrate the appearance of the full moon, an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and prosperity on this important occasion. Throughout the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors can soak in the festivities by strolling through the bustling festive street bazaar and shop for festive delights. Browse and shop at over 300 festival stalls offering a dazzling array of festive goodies like moon cakes, pomelos, lanterns, handicraft, tea and more.

Venue:  Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, Smith Street, Sago Street and People’s Park Complex

Senior Citizens Centre in Chinatown

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Bloggers Young and Old

Photo with Young Festival Ambassador Meng Kei

To build cultural traditions and increase community and youth involvement, Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens Consultative Committee (KA-KS CCC) has continued for the second time its Festival Ambassadors programme which has attracted over 80 youth volunteers and organized two lantern-related competitions, Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 Lantern Making Competition and Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 Lantern Painting Competition.

The Youth Festival Ambassadors at Chinatown Point
The youth volunteers helping to arrange the seats for the guests at the Festival Street Light-up.

Meng Kei shares his "Performance Galore" blog here .



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