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Jul 28, 2009

Hobby as a media of education

Picture courtesy of Dr. Tan Wee Kiat

Since young, I have been fascinated by postage stamps as storytellers. Every postage stamp tells a story, or part of a story.

It was only two years ago that I discovered that a veteran Singaporean, Dr. Tan Wee Kiat, an avid philatelist, had written several books to tell stories through postage stamps.

Dr Tan epitomizes the storyteller who uses his hobby as a media of education.

Through the painstaking efforts and thorough research with co-authors Koo Hong Piew and Noel Nidalgo Tan, Dr Tan had published several books on various topics based on postage stamps.

Please visit ReTRIeVIA to discover the wonders of Dr Tan Wee Kiat's hobby and the treasure chest of story-telling postage stamps he had preserved for interesting learning journey through stamps!



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