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Dec 21, 2013

Every Ending Is A New Beginning

With the end of each blog to express every year, I realized that my blog topic and theme cannot avoid myself speaking about time, about the beginning and the end ... but the world has not ended.  Thank God.

In 2011, the blog about The End of the Year .

The poster inspired by Maria Robinson

Do a search word on 'time' on Google for research resources and there are loads of links on the Internet.  Just as there are "junk food" everywhere; there are good stuff, good food for thoughts, food for health and nutrition to help our body and our mind.

Similarly, there are words on what is  Time and Timelessness and "Why the Universe exists Timelessly ".

Christmas Time

Christmas time to us does so much bring
The time for comfort food and carols we sing
The time to bring in the Christmas tree
The time decorations sparkle just for you and me
The time to warm the heart and soul of everyone
The time to appreciate those who bring us joy
The time for toys for every girl and boy
The time to build memories not to be undone
The time to share with those we love
The time to show peace and the white dove
The time to show the feelings in our hearts
The time to laugh and joke in fits and starts
The times to enjoy being with those that mean much
The time for rejoicing in being just us

Over 50 years ago during my schooldays, I would listen to "Radio Singapura" every night at 11:00 pm at home like a lullaby to bring me to sleep.  It was a one-hour radio program "Tomorrow is another day" and the theme song "May Each Day" by Andy Williams is shared on this blog here.

Wishing everyone seasons's greetings "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014".



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