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Nov 27, 2013

Welcome to "Bloglet to Express" to Resize and Save Time.

Welcome to the debut of  this "twitter-type bloglet" to be introduced to my friends and readers, who are too busy to read through my lengthy blogs in the past.

I have received their kind comments and feedbacks with good intentions from them.  I must not be "lor soh", "long-winded" blogs to squeeze so many blog topics into one.  So I must change my blog-style and post blogs to be "user-friendly", more frequently if necessary, but the size of the blogs in bite-sized portions the way "twitters" are used for texting.

Books to read as "block busters" would take readers days or week to complete reading the book.

Handy, convenient and condensed-sized "booklets" compiled like "Readers' Digest" would be easier to digest at a shorter time.

It is not necessary to have the traditional "10-course dinner" which would take at least 3-hours to eat everything at one go.

Lets just have fast food like MacDonald, Bugger King, KFC, Pizza Hut or whatever, even "popiah" and make better use of time on the move and still don't go hungry ...

After all, there is no hard and fast rules on the length of a blog.  Thank you for your respected suggestions and please keep these constructive comments coming.

This first "bloglet" is about Christmas cards which we have been reminded by the Singapore Post Office in a poster about 3 decades ago to post early for Christmas.

Nowadays, the online Christmas cards are posted within minutes by email, Facebook or other portals on the Internet.

Please see how the archived photos curated from the courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore to show the message.

In the 1950s, the Christmas mail rush at the General Post Office, Singapore (now the Fullerton Hotel) and delivered in Royal Mail vans to be brought to the ships to Britain or other overseas countries.

However, Christmas gifts and parcels could not be replaced by online delivery or email.  There would be certain companies with overseas branches to offer delivery services.

Merry Christmas!



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