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May 27, 2012

Dawn Yip - Chinese Talentime 1979

Dawn Yip Pai Fung of Outram Secondary School, 1980
Many of us know that the 1979 Chinese Talentime (Female Section) winner, Yip Pai Fung, is our fellow Outramian.  When asked about her victory, she shyly said that she was just lucky winning it, as she did not realize that she had the potential to do so, considering the stiff competition she faced from fellow participants and her lack of experience.  Her classmates encouraged her to enter the competition and even obtained the entry form for her.  Pai Fung is glad she got through it, and especially on her first attempt.

She will only consider whether she wants to turn professional after completing her studies.  She appears on television occasionally, and was featured in a local documentary, "Music is Our Business".

At present, she is not kept very busy with her singing work, as she wants to concentrate on her studies.  Sometimes, she does feel a little shy when people recognize her on the streets, but she tries to overcome her shyness and talk to them if approached.

Pai Fung finds recording work very interesting and challenging and prefers it to live performances.  Fans can look forward to her third album soon.  She will record in English when she is prepared for it, but is not planning to do so at present.

During the last school holidays, she gave a performance in Malaysia and was also featured in a Taiwanese TV programme.  She has a large number of Chinese fans in Singapore and Malaysia.

According to her, singing does bring in a large income and nowadays she does not have to ask her parents for an allowance.  She also gives charity shows now and then.

She is proud and glad that God has given her this talent.  Pai Fung has lots of plans for her singing work, like producing an English album, composing her own songs, and giving more overseas and local shows to promote her album, as well as to do some charity work, but she has put aside all these plans to concentrate on her school work.

Pre-U 2/1
Outram Annual 1980

 When You Believe - Rays of Hope [希望之光] by Dawn Yip. 

Dawn asked me on my Facebook profile: "Where did you find this ? i didn't even know it was posted?"

With compliments and memories to Dawn, here it is to share with her , friends and her former Outramian schoolmates.



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