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Oct 31, 2010

Scattered Pockets of Blog Topics

Calling for "Singapore Memories" friends who contributed your related memory articles and content with whatever media channels or languages. Come share our collective memories little by little, bit by bit from Singapore memories.

Please pass on these Singapore memories to younger generations of Singaporeans born now and those to be born in future in this place called home.

How often do we experience and encounter the difficulty searching for everything at the tips of our fingers and sources from the same place?

Obviously not every blog topic could be found everywhere with the help of tagged labels at the blog sites. These blog topics are scattered pockets of blogs which are not necessarily found from Google or other website for search engines.

Moreover, there are related topics which are not published online at certain specific theme-related blogs.

To keep the story short and avoid beating around the bush, the following example is the "life!.mailbag" from Straits Times Oct 23, 2010. The published story "Memories of Great old World" reproduced below:
I read with great anticipation, the article about the upcoming movie on the past of Great World City (Great New World, Life!, Oct 13). My grandmother used to operate a makeshift stall outside the Globe cinema selling sweets. Globe cinema screened re-runs of English movies, whereas Sky cinema screened the latest Shaw Brothers Chinese movies.

I helped my grandmother at her stall during my school holidays and took my naps in a little compartment below the sweets display trays.

That was in the 1960s, when I studied in one of the primary schools on the other side of Great World City. I have seen Great World City change from a vibrant entertainment centre in the 1960s to one which opened only once a year, during Chinese New Year, in the late 1970s.

Theresa Ho

I used to live near Great World amusement park and I visited it very often because there were few recreation places then.

I am in my 60s now. Here are a few things I remember about Great World. There was a cinema called Atlantic which screened mostly Mandarin films. The cinema was not air-conditioned and one of the memorable films screened there was The Kingdom And The Beauty starring the late Lin Dai, the Elizabeth Taylor of the East.

There was also a cabaret where dance hostesses sat around the dance fall. Patrons would buy tickets - $1 for three tickets, if I remember correctly. There was also a live band.

When the music started, patron rushed to their favourite dance hostesses, handed over the tickets (one dance per ticket) and slid onto the dance floor. You could expect to see some jostling and elbowing when patrons fought over the popular hostesses.

Tan Sar Bar
Straits Times readers Ms Theresa Ho and Mr Tan Sar Bah who contributed this mailbag are our Singapore Memories friends we are looking to share these collective memories blogs to share.

An earlier blog on Great Great World which these contributions from the "life! mailbag" will add to the "Memories of Great old World".

Looking for friends to help enhance this blog topic about Great World.

Lets share our collective memories to enjoy our walk down our nostalgic memories. Same places with different fond memories and perspectives. Never the same childhood stories to share...

Thanks in advance to everyone to send comments to this blog for Ms Theresa Ho and Mr Tan Sar Bah when contacted. Much appreciated.



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