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Jun 26, 2010

"Bandstand" at Botanic Gardens

Photo Credit: Calvin Teo. This photo is used under GNU Free Documentation Licence with acknowledgement and thanks.

A bandstand was erected in the early 1860s as a focal point of the original landscape design of Singapore Botanic Gardens. The present octagonal structure was built in 1930 and staged early evening performance by military bands for many years. Though no longer used for music, the Bandstand continues to be one of the best-known features of the Gardens.

The white structure and the many Yellow Flame trees set the perfect backdrop for photos for the family album.

The "Bandstand" is simple Victorian architectural design, and withstood the times.

A journey through time in Botanic Gardens with nostalgic, fond memories. Take some time through your stack of old photo albums. With their last family visit to Botanic Gardens many years ago, it would not be surprised to discover a souvenir shot taken at the "Bandstand".

Unfortunately, most of my early photos taken at Botanic Gardens would need time to search for these 'memory aids' from the photo albums.

At the wooden bench in the "Bandstand" on 19 Jun, 2010.



Blogger superhiro said...

Never been there myself, but seems like nice place to walk around. I'd better try to even jog to clean my lung!
This kinda stuff won't be told by anyone, I wonder why.
I'll definetly check out.

December 11, 2010 at 10:14 PM  

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