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Jun 20, 2010

"Swan Lake Gazebo" at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Swan Lake Gazebo

The Swan Lake Gazebo is a much more recent arrival to the Gardens, and first found her home here in 1969. Made of cast iron with a wooden roof, this shelter with wonderfully detailed etchings on her beams, stands proudly at the edge of the lake, guarding it like a centurion.

Although a recent arrival, the Gazebo was first built next to a house in Grange Road back in the 1850s. Today she plays home to visiting families who picnic under her roof, sheltered from the blazing sun.

The Garden icons: The Bandstand & Swan Lake Gazebo tranquility of Swan Lake coupled with her simplicity creates for a peaceful day in the Gardens. Her brown wooden roof gives her an air of warmth, inviting you to spend moments with her as a breeze flows through. The etched details on her rails and sturdy build have withstood much weathering from the harsh sun and pattering rain. The tranquil pale green of a bank of Nephrolepis ferns surrounds her, complimenting her serene nature. With such a graceful resident, we are confident that your visit will be most pleasant as you spend some time in her company.
Excerpt from:
Benjamin Aw, Visitor Services
"Gardenwise", Newsletter of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Volume 32, January, 2009



Blogger Andy Young* said...

Hi James,
It's always a pleasure to walk the gardens. New ideas, new attractions. Ever changing but nothing like the old gardens.

Larry Lai has an amended copy of his essay that you posted and he'd be grateful if you could put the new one on your blog.

How do I get to send you the amended one?

June 21, 2010 at 3:55 PM  

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