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Jun 24, 2018

The Dove of Peace with Olive Leaf in Singapore

On 12th June, 2018, the 'Dove of Peace with olive leaf' and the holy angels were in Singapore to bless the historic moments of United States Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Yung Un to meet and shake hands on their mission of peace.

US President Donald Trump (left) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walk together after a meeting during the US-North Korea summit at the Capella Hotel in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

Please watch this video clip with the courtesy of The Guardian here .

Kim Jong-un has pledged to disarm his nuclear arsenal and Donald Trump has given security guarantees in a joint statement at the end of a historic summit in Singapore.

The commitments were vaguely worded and did not represent an advance on similar agreements – which have proved hard to enforce – between the two countries over past decades, but the statement said there would be further meetings between senior officials from both countries to continue the momentum of the summit.

 The US president also drew attention to what he claimed was the warm personal chemistry established between the two leaders to argue that it represented a breakthrough.

The joint statement, signed by the leaders after five hours of talks, laid out a basic bargain.

“President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” it read.

Karishma Vaswani of BBC wrote:

After weeks of speculation it's finally been announced - tiny little Singapore will host the historic Trump-Kim Jong-un summit.

The "little red dot" beat the DMZ, Mongolia and even Beijing as a place for the meeting to be held.

President Trump has shown that you don't need China - North Korea's most important trading partner - to talk to Pyongyang.

Still, it does beg the question. Besides a great airport and some neatly manicured gardens, why Singapore?

Answer:  North Korea's Kim Jong-Un feels comfortable with Singapore.

Singapore's deft diplomacy in playing both sides isn't the only thing going for it.

It's known in the region as the banker to Asean - by that I mean a safe, discreet place where you can do business and not that many questions will be asked about what you're up to - as long as you stick to the spirit of Singapore's legal framework.

But while previous US administrations like the Clinton or Obama White House may have tried to persuade Singapore to stop doing business with Pyongyang altogether, ironically it is the close links between the two sides that may have helped cement Singapore as the choice of venue.

Ultimately, Singapore is where international business deals increasingly take place in the region.

So don't think of this meeting between Pyongyang and Washington as just a political meeting. Think of it as a business negotiation, led by two of the biggest deal-makers on the global political scene right now - with Singapore playing the role of arbitrator, and a glamorous host.

Speaking on the impact of hosting the summit, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the country stands to gain from the publicity generated over the next few days.

"The fact that have been chosen as the site of the meeting, we did not ask for it ... it says something about Singapore's relations with the parties and our standing with the international community.

It's our contribution to an international endeavour which is in our profound interest.

He said:  "I think if you calculate the price of everything in this world, you will miss out on the really important things.  We will be sure to be cost conscious, and we will also be sure that we will do what is necessary to make this a safe meeting."

PM Lee notes that path to denuclearisation is a long process, but historic meeting can be first step.

"That's a long process, but this is a first step.  And if the first step happens in Singapore, well, we are happy to be associated with it."

The two leaders' first ever historic meeting for the most keenly watched political meeting Singapore on June 12, 2018.

It was a surreal moment last when United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shook hands in front of a global audience, heralding a remarkable thaw in ties between two of the world's fiercest adversaries.

History was made, and Singapore, as the host, would be noted for its small contribution to world peace and security.

In the days leading up to and after the summit, many headlines were focused on the quid pro quo for the host nation of staging an event that the world's spotlight would be trained on.

That, said analysts, is just scratching the surface, and the key benefit for Singapore is something less tangible, but much more important:

Another example of the country's oft-cited ability to punch above its weight, the value of even-handed, straight-talking diplomacy, and a buttressing of its soft power.

Singapore's role in the event is testament to its value to the international order and the effectiveness of its foreign policy, they said.

The Republic is one of the few countries that has developed deep and wide-ranging ties with Washington while keeping lines of communication open with Pyongyang amid tight international sanctions.

President Donald Trump strolled from the right, North Korea Kim Jong Un from the left with a 13-second handshake and a pat on Kim's arm, the two leaders set the stage for an unprecedented encounter between the sitting US president and the ruler of the world's most isolated regime.

While their talks tackle the serious aims of ending seven decades of hostilities and denuclearing the Korea peninsula optics ruled the show.  From the red carpets they strode in on, to who arrived first, Trump and Kim's meeting at a luxury resort on Singapore's Sentosa Island was a carefully choreographed affair.

Hero's Welcome for Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un returned home to a hero's welcome from his historic summit talks in Singapore with President Donald Trump.

He scored a major diplomatic victory by fending off US demands for his regime's immediate denuclearisation.

Not only that, by holding first face-to-face peace talks with the US president, Kim symbolically ended 7 decades of hostility with the world's most powerful nation.

Please watch the SBS 42-minutes Korean documentary on the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore here .

Message of Peace and Goodwill to the World

The teachers of all mainstream religions on earth spread the message of peace and goodwill to everyone in the world.  The world leaders of all peace-loving countries which belong to the United Nation also spread the message of peace to their citizens.

During the visit of President Donald Trump to the Vatican in May, 2017, Pope Francis expresses hopes that Korea talks leads to 'a peaceful future'.

Pope Francis gave Trump a split medallion held together by an olive tree, which his interpreter told Trump is "a symbol of peace."

Speaking in Spanish, the Pope told Trump, "I am giving you this because I hope you may be this olive tree to make peace."

The President responded, "We can use peace."

Following the meeting President Trump tweeted that he was "more determined than ever to pursue peace in our world".

Lets pray that peace be to the world.