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Jul 30, 2016

Outramian Sunny Sng Tiang Kee

Group photo of Primary 1 at Outram School in 1948.  Sunny Sng (Seated on first right in the second row. His classmate putting his arm on his left shoulder of Sunny). The teacher-in-charge
was Miss Quah.

Three Wise Men concert.  In this photo, Sunny was one of the three wise men (third from left).

In "Play A Gentleman" concert photo, Sunny was third from left.

Make-up for concert by a British lady teacher.

Sunny won the "Sack Race" during the Outram School Sports Day in 1948 at the school field.

These 68-year-old photos are shared on this blog by Outramian Sunny Sng Tiang Kee,  with thanks and his kind courtesy.

I met Sunny this afternoon at the Killiney Kopitaim at its original flagship coffee-shop at Killiney Road, Singapore to "la kopi".  As requested, he brought along a file of the painstakingly archived photos collection to share with me.

If I had not crossed the path of this very special person from Outram School today, we would still be strangers when we meet.

Our meetup was arranged by Mr Koh Chuan Seng, Vice-Principal (Admin) of Outram Secondary School and we had an exchange of email over the past weeks.  Mr Koh met Sunny at the Botanical Gardens recently and became friends.

A Veteran Outramian at the former school building at Outram Road

Sunny is now 81-years-old, a pioneer generation Singaporean who did not appear physically frail or haggard.  Please find out more about him from the YouTube video below.

He attended Primary One at the Outram School (a primary school for boys only) in 1948.

In 1950, he passed the "Entrance Examination" (now the Primary School Leaving Examinations)
and was transferred to Gan Eng Seng School (at Waterloo Street  and then at Anson Road when the school building was built).  He completed his Secondary Four in the school to be awarded with the Cambridge School Certificate from Britain.  Singapore was then a Colony under the British administration.

Sunny worked as Sales Manager at the Cycle Carriage, exclusive dealer of Mercedes Benz car from 1955 to 1988.

Uncle Sunny's Interview on YouTube

Did you notice the slogan "I SMASH EVERYDAY" on Sunny's T-shirt?

As our "la kopi" session had to end after over an hour, Sunny told me that he had to fetch his wife and they were going to church.  A blessed Outramian with faith, determination and strength of character and mind to inspire us.

Thank you for sharing your positive attitude on this blog, Uncle Sunny Sng.

"Labor Omnia Vincit"