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Mar 20, 2016

Tamshui in Taiwan - Past and Present

Tamsui in the Past

Tamsui in the Present

The juxtaposed photos of then and now in Tamshui in Taiwan are posted in my personal blog to express to share places in Taiwan where I have visited.  Same places, different times, different memories and experiences .....

Steve McQueen

To discover and research on the Internet after returning to Singapore, I am pleased to find the awesome site posted by Steve McQueen in Danshui in 1966.

Mr Steve McQueen in Danshui in 1966.

Steve McQueen was the ultra-cool Hollywood male film star of the 1960s, and rose from a troubled youth spent in reform schools to being the world's most popular actor.  Over 25 years after his untimely death from mesothelioma in 1980, Steve McQueen is still considered hip and coo, and he endures as an icon of popular culture.  He was born on 24 March, 1930 and passed away on 7 November, 1980.

I had watched my favorite movie "Papillion", starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman in 1973 when it was screened in Singapore.  What a coincidence to find Steve's visit and interest in the history of Danshui.

He had mentioned:  "It is very discouraging to find many Taiwanese copying entire pages of this site to their blogs, forums and other photo sites.  I have over 7000 new and very interesting images to add to their collection, but what is the point if this archive is abused?

"..... If you use any image, good karma will come your way if you include a link back to so that others may find this resource.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy."

Please check out the Taipics site here .

An Old Map of Tamsui

The former railway station in Tamsui

The disused locomotives as a mode of transportation in the past over a century ago in Tamsui is now replaced by the national MRT network throughout Taiwan.  Photo of the Tamsui MRT station below.

Next Blog:  Old Street in Tamsui



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