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Sep 7, 2014

RSAF45 @ Heartlands - Simei

The Republic of Singapore Air Force posted an announcement on Facebook timeline.

Want to know how we defend our skies 24/7 for 45 years?
Want to check out our cutting edge UAVs and Ground Based Air Defence Systems?
Want to test your flying and shooting skills on simulators?
Want to hear first hand accounts of what it's like being in the Air Force?
Want to see how we transformed into the 3rd Generation Air Force?

We recap the 5 reasons for you to come visit RSAF45@Heartlands. And don't miss out on the RSAF45 Commemorative gift pack! More details here

At Simei today, it was not an ordinary lazy Saturday afternoon when I would normally have a drink with my buddies at the coffee shop or I would be at home for a much needed siesta.  My habit to sleep late at night, undisturbed and quiet at home, for me to blog.

Isn't it wonderful that Simei is selected as one of the 5 heartlands in Singapore to celebrate RSAF45 @ Heartlands - 45 years of defending our skies?  45 years in peacetime Singapore since the formation of the RSAF in 1969.

What a pleasant surprise for me to meet the well-known RSAF Black Knight for a group photo with the brave guys and gals who defend our skies.  Thanks for your courtesy, our RSAF defenders and protectors, to make Singapore, our homeland to grow up in peace.  Not as some other war-torn countries in the world where the people do not understand the meaning or unheard of the word "peace" since birth ...

Blessed be our homeland, blessed be Singapore!

FINALLY AT SIMEI!! (6 Sep 2014)

WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO BE HERE AT SIMEI!! It’s a bright sunshiny day here on day 1 of our RSAF45@Heartlands at Simei! Saturday morning kicked off early as we welcomed excited visitors who came to look at our exhibits, take part in our games and to enjoy the performances by the SAF Music and Drama Company. Many also posted beautiful photos of their favourite moments here at RSAF45@Heartlands on our Facebook page and through Instagram with #TheRSAF. Public well-wishes for our airmen and women also poured in and warmed our hearts.

Earlier this morning, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Member of Parliament for East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister of State for Defence, Dr Mohammad Maliki Bin Osman, together with Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC and Deputy Speaker Mr Seah Kian Peng, and Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC Ms Jessica Tan, visited our event here in Simei with Grassroots Leaders. They were accompanied by Chief of Staff (Air Staff) BG Lim Yeong Kiat and Chairman of RSAF45@Heartlands organising committee BG Neo Hong Keat. Mr Lim, Dr Maliki, Mr Seah and Ms Tan viewed the exhibits in the RSAF45@Heartlands pavilion and interacted with our airmen and women at the exhibition and the static display. In the late afternoon, Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC Mr Pritam Singh also visited the event with Grassroot leaders to view the exhibits and interact with our airmen and women.

Check out these photos to see what else went on here today! Come down to join us here at RSAF45@Heartlands at Simei today and tomorrow!!

(Source: With acknowledgement and thanks to RSAF on Facebook timeline).



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