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Aug 23, 2014

Membership Has Its Privilege

Congratulations to fellow Singaporeans who are 65 years old or older and have been entitled to join the "Pioneer Generation Club" membership.  Membership has its privilege!

I have found a new innovative way to wear the Pioneer Generation CHAS card with a plastic transparent tag and a lanyard to be worn over the neck.  When I travel in the MRT train or public buses and display my PG card, the seated commuters would immediately offer their seats to me respectfully and graciously.  This is more effective than the courtesy campaigns in the MRT and buses.  Hopefully the LTA could distribute the plastic tags and lanyards to the Pioneer Generation commuters for them to wear; followed with its educational courtesy campaign.  Other community and private organizations are welcome to sponsor and support this meaningful project.

Thanks to Ms Jessica Tan, Grassroots Advisor to East Coast GRC GRO and Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC to pose with me and the Pioneer Generation Package.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong included a personal note in the package. My friends and I would like to acknowledge receipt of the PGP with thanks to PM on Facebook.

How then can the pioneer generation Singaporeans express their acknowledgement for the receipt of the package?

This is the first time since independent Singapore for the pioneer generation scheme to benefit the senior citizens regardless of  race, language, religion or gender. 

Thanks to every pioneer generation Singaporean to help build Singapore in so many ways over the decades.

Source:  LIFE August, 2014



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