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Nov 28, 2013

Christmas on Orchard Road, Singapore

Since when I celebrated Christmas in Singapore in the early days in the kampong in the 1960s?

During my childhood memories, many Singaporeans at that time thought that Christmas is for Christians at Orchard Road, Hari Raya Puasa is for Muslim at Geylang Serai, Deepavali for Hindu at "Little India, Chinese New Year for Chinese Singaporeans in Chinatown ... the traditional venue for lighting up for everyone to celebrate in Singapore.  These events are now celebrated as community events at the heartlands all over Singapore by everyone, including visitors and tourists from all over the world.

It was more of a cultural event than as a religious event for everyone to enjoy.  Joy to the world and peace to all mankind.


The Christmas decorations at the former Cockpit Hotel
The Christmas decorations at the former Specialists Shopping Centre
Christmas decorations inside the Orchard Road hotel

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's Christmas Message on December 24, 1965.

Christmas is a festive season for all of us in Singapore.

Not so long ago, singing Christmas carols in Singapore was quite a hazard.

This Christmas it is different.  We are all on our own, free to do what we will.

We must resolve that we shall always be tolerant of each other.  A time of good cheer for all is a time to
remember that peace and goodwill in a multi-racial society do not always result from doing what comes naturally. 

It is necessary to concede and protect the other man's right to his own festivities and his own prayers if we are all to live happily together.

My greetings for a Merry Christmas to one and all, for in Singapore Christians are not the only people to celebrate Christmas.
 NB:  Archived photos with watermark "For online reference viewing only" with courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore to share on this personal blog; thanks and acknowledgement to NAS and the individual contributors.

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