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Aug 6, 2013

How Foreigners See Singapore

Many Singaporeans and foreigners who have not stayed in Singapore for a long time may not understand the changes and developments in the country since her independence on 9 August, 1965.

"外国人怎样看新加坡" ("How foreigners see Singapore?") videos in Mandarin and Cantonese are published on YouTube in 2012 .

For the benefit and convenience of non-English speaking viewers,  the entire documentary series from Episode 1 to 65 are linked at "How foreigners see Singapore" group on Facebook.

The excerpts from the video in Chinese:

-新加坡很漂亮 !

-新加坡人很幸福 !

-新加坡政府很利害 !

谁讲的? 要知道谁讲的,唯有看宇宙最诚实的幸福台-



Happy Birthday, Singapore!



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