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Jun 22, 2013

Making Memories With Travel

The original "onceyoung" set of photos

At Maxwell Hill, Perak, Malaysia in 1973

The original photos which I posted to the blog have been replaced by the above ones.  The memory blog remains unchanged though.

My blogger friend, James Tann of Princess Elizabeth Estate sent me the new set of photos with the FB message:

Uncle James,
Interesting write up, but you feeling too orange la.
Here, take my medicine and put some colour into your life.

So kind of James to "put some colour into my life" with cosmetics and Photoshop expertise technique and his magic to change the photos.  Thank you, James Tann.

In my younger days, I enjoyed travelling to little towns and small streets in peninsula Malaysia.  To me,  every trip I made was a learning experience everywhere I go.  My home-base in Singapore since I was born here.

Maxwell Hill is my first favorite hill station at Bukit Larut, Perak where I visited with a few Malaysian friends.

As the changing scenery snapped me back into reality, I wondered quietly. Things change drastically over time with physical land developments, especially in the neighbouring countries.  Can Maxwell Hill stand the test of time?

Maxwell is located only 6km away from Taiping itself. The Larut ridge was narrow and the difficulty was the steep climb to the summit. At 1250m above sea level and just 13km from the base of the hill, it was a wonder that the idea of a hill station could have been developed here.  Maxwell Hill has remained pretty much as years ago.

Many Singaporeans have travelled widely, far or near, all over the world.  See the world, young and old.  We have visited places by land, by sea or by air. We have also visited places in our dreams and by Extrasensory Perceptions (ESP)  involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses.

Singaporeans are by no means a parochial people.  We are an international, global city with well connected, well informed to the world geographically, mass media and virtually on the Internet.

Living in countries geographically smaller and surrounded by different countries with different languages, history, religions, and societal norms allows Singaporean teens the benefits of both learning and applying their foreign language lessons, understanding humanity on a deeper level, and forming well-rounded opinions about society, politics, history, education, and all other aspects of culture.

Many parents these days are travelling overseas during the school holidays to bring their schooling children the opportunities to make memories with travel.
Visit to Wat Chalya Mangalaram Buddhist Temple, Penang in 1968

My family and I visited Penang in 1988 during the children's school holidays and something new to write about when they returned to school for the teachers' favorite essay topic "What I did during the school holidays?".

During my schooldays in the 1960s,  I spent the school holidays at Bukit Ho Swee kampong to catch spiders, fly kites, catch fishes in the "longkang", swimming in the flood during the monsoon seasons.  Those are fond nostalgic memories too.

On the street of Washington, DC in USA on my first visit.
At White House, Washington DC, USA

At Chinatown, NYC, USA
At Atlanta City, New Jersey, United States


I have not travelled to as many places where my friends have been.  Some business friends told me that they are travelling on airplanes like taking taxis on the roads around the world  ; )

In whatever ways to travel to our faraway places and wherever the destinations may be,  everyone of us would have our travelling memories in our "memory banks" to share travelling experiences with us.



Blogger oceanskies79 said...

I'm amazed how the photograph touch-up transformed the colours of the photos.

Thanks for sharing.

June 23, 2013 at 8:16 AM  

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