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Apr 30, 2012

Ways Done in the Past - Wholesale Fish Market

These fresh fishes were brought by the fishmongers to the Ellenborough Market in Singapore onto the road without any proper stalls as shown in these photos in the 1950s.

 Fishmongers are among the oldest professions in the world.

In the olden days in Singapore, the fishmongers were themselves the fishermen to go out to the sea daily to catch the fishes and bring the fresh fishes (not frozen or dried ones) to the market.

Dried fish stall in Chinatown

How different the ways done in the past in Singapore to sell the fish to the customers.

There's another photo and others with "For online reference viewing only" watermark, credit with acknowledgement and thanks to National Archives of Singapore, of the daily catch by the fisherman in a small sampan with a small quantity of fish on the beach at Katong.

From the beach at the east coast of Singapore to Katong market
The elderly lady bought a few fishes for a small family.

Ellenborough Market, market and trading centre in Ellenborough Street by the Singapore River, located in the Central Region of Singapore. It was named after Ellenborough, Lord, the Governor-General of India (1841-1844). The original Ellenborough Market was first built in 1845 but was later extended with another structure by its side in 1899.

The Malays called it Pasar Bahru meaning "New Market". Teochews populated the area, and as a result, the market was nicknamed "Teochew Market", and nearby hawker-stalls specialised in well-known Teochew food. It was a wet market noted for its fresh fish and dried seafood products.

Ellenborough Street and Fish Street by the Singapore River, were on either side of the Ellenborough Market. (Source: Singapore Infopedia, National Library Board, Singapore by Cornelius-Takahama, Vernon written on 28 Sept, 1999).

A fishmonger loading a fish onto a tricycle at Singapore River in 1946
 Fish stalls at various markets in Singapore

This is a fish stall displayed on wooden stools at Orchard Road Market in 1974.

 A fish stall at Tekka market in the 1950s.

 Unscaling of fishes at a Trengganu Street fish stall in Chinatown.

The fishmonger using an old weighing scale in the 1950s.

A fish market wholesaler using an abacus at his stall c 1975.

 A fish wholesaler at Ellenborough Market displayed the king-sized crabs for sale.

The ways done at the Pike Place Market as demonstrated on my hand a king-sized crab which was blogged previously here. .

A fire destroyed the Ellenborough Market on 30 January 1968 and the fish wholesale market building was completely demolished.

 In 1969, the Central Fish Market at Jurong Fishery Port Road, Singapore as shown in the NAS photos below.

The poor young man doesn't have time to yawn...the fishing ships have arrived. Time to start working !

The Central Fish Market at Fishery Port Road, Singapore doesn't sleep for the fish wholesalers !

Changi Simei Community Club's "Night Tour" on 21 May, 2010 visited the Central Fish Market. Security Guard House for collection of authorisation passes at 2.20 AM as shown on the clock (photo above).

Please read the blog about 'The Mystery of the Missing “Batang” Fish' posted to the Everything East website.



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