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Apr 23, 2012

SRC 4'S Schools Hockey Carnival 2012

I was at the Singapore Recreation Club on Saturday 21 April, 2012 for a lunch appointment and met this group of young friends at the Padang.

The only "thorn among the roses" in this group is Daniel Ho Sheng and next "rose" is Eunice Teng in this group photo.

I contacted Daniel by email and he agreed to furnish me with a brief infomation for the event for this personal blog to share with us.  Eunice Teng of Temasek Polytechnic graciously added me as a friend on Facebook to allow me to post some relevant photos on the blog.  With thanks and acknowledgement to Daniel and Eunice.

I explained to them that this blog focus on a different personal perspective and do not serve to represent the organiser, the Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) Hockey Section.

The photos taken from Eunice are made selectively with focus on the blog topic about the hockey game at the Padang over 50 yrs ago and the new generation of hockey game players for the enjoyment of the same game, same place, different times and the fun for every generation.
According to Daniel, this carnival was organised by the Singapore Recreation Club Hockey Section. There was a total of 86 teams from 22 institutions (primary, secondary, tertiary) took part in the competition.

The tents and booths erected at the Padang beside the Singapore Recreation Club building on 21 April, 2012 from 8.00am to 6.30pm.
As in the past, the fun-filled carnival atmosphere will be accentuated with the skill challenges and games stalls in addition to the competition.  Food and beverages was on sale throughout the day.

The carnival also aim to create excitement and encouragement for the aspiring young boys and girls to pick up hockey professionally.  Many of the current and past national players were present to interact with the kids and offer hockey tips and advice.
Lets now watch the excellent photo journal  captured by Eunice to show the fun-filled carnival here:

The earliest record of Hockey being played in Singapore was in 1902 when the Royal Engineers introduced the game on the field of the Singapore Recreation Club. The Singapore Hockey Association was formed and registered with the Registrar of Societies on 8 July 1931. At the time the Association was affiliated with the English Hockey Association.

Hockey is a favorite game for young and old,  gals and guys for everyone  for fun to discover here .

Me too!  I played hockey in school over 50 years ago and enjoyed it under the coaching of my former teacher Mr. A. N. James.  However, I did not go into hockey competitive sport as a professional.

 With thanks and acknowledgement to the East London Hockey Club for this tutorial video.

If we leave the movies of the mind behind, time can only be experienced now -- moment by precious moment. Open in awareness to what is happening right now. Appreciate all that is. Immerse yourself in the joy and wonder of every now and life will be a gift.

Once a sportsman or sportswoman, always the sporting spirit throughout a lifetime!

With the acknowledgement and thanks, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore to revive the memories of  hockey games at the Padang and the Singapore Recreation Club in the 1960s.

A hockey match at the Padang c 1962
A hockey match at the Padang in 1969.  The City Hall in the background.

A group photo of the hockey players at the Singapore Cricket Club c 1969.

A hockey match at the Padang in 1969.  Did you notice the bus?

At the Padang with City Hall & Supreme Court in the background c 1969

SRC  Team vs Argentina Team at the Padang  c 1971.



Blogger Peter Stubbs said...

I played hockey when in the army many years ago. a great game and better than other ball sports. It's probably the only thing I will watch during the Olympics

April 24, 2012 at 7:51 PM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Hockey is a great sport for everyone. Thanks Peter. Cheers!

April 24, 2012 at 10:17 PM  

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