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Nov 16, 2010

Same Place, Different Time, Different Journey (Part 4)

Photo No.TACT01

Photo No.TACT02

Photo No.TACT03: What backlane vendor is this?

Photo No.TACT04

Photo No.TACT05

Photo No.TACT06

Traders and Craftsmen at Chinatown...Then

Photo No.TACT07

Photo No.TACT08

Photo No.TACT09

Photo No.TACT010: What vanished trade in Chinatown is this?

Photo No.TACT11

Photo No.TACT12

Photo No.TACT13

Photo No.TACT14: Anyone remember this "no-frill", unbranded ice-cream enjoyed during the childhood days?

Photo No.TACT15

Photo No.TACT16

Photo No.TACT17

Photo No.TACT18

Photo No.TACT19

Photo No.TACT20

Photo No.TACT21

Photo No.TACT22

Photo No.TACT23

Photo No.TACT24

Photo No.TACT25

Photo No.TACT26

Photo No.TACT27

Photo No.TACT28

Photo No.TACT29

Photo No.TACT30

Photo No.TACT31

Photo No.TACT32

Photo No.TACT33

Photo No.TACT34. Photo Credit: K F Wong

Photo No.TACT35

Photo No.TACT36

Photo No.TACT37

Photo No.TACT38

Photo No.TACT39

Photo No.TACT40: What festive occasions when puppet performance are found at Chinatown?

Photo No.TACT41

Photo No.TACT42: What vanished trade is this?

Photo No.TACT43: What trade is this along the five-foot-way?

Photo No.TACT44

Photo No.TACT45

Photo No.TACT46

Photo No.TACT47

Photo No.TACT48

Photo No.TACT49: What cart was used for the sales of these products in the early days in Chinatown?

Photo No.TACT 50: This is one of the pioneer immigrants who sacrificed sweat and blood to build up Singapore through entrepot trade. Do you know how he earned a livelihood in the early days?

Photo No.TACT 51

Photo No.TACT 52

Photo No.TACT 53

Photo No.TACT 54

Photo No.TACT 55

This is Part 4 of this "interactive workshop" blog series of "Same Place, Different Time, Different Journey".

"Interactive" meaning it is not just for spectators watching the blog without "interaction" as a workshop for our friends, the parents to watch the blogs together with the children as students to participate. It is a fun game for the family during the school holidays. This project is educational to teach and learn, find out more information about Chinatown with your grandparents to reminisce the old days of Singapore. The content in these blogs serve as a supplementary text for social study material.

This would be the time when the young students will discover social studies which the elders know more than them after reading the blog in this series. Great grandparents and parents have loads of stories to tell about Chinatown in the old days.

Visit the National Library to read up about Chinatown in Singapore, the National Museums or the Chinatown Heritage Centre (located at the heart of Chinatown).

Comments and enquiries that these students are welcome to post to the blog or email me Thimbuktu .

Calling all photographers to have a field day at Chinatown to see the same places which are published in the old photos with the kind courtesy of National Archives of Singapore to discover National Archive as leading role as Government record keeper in the digital age and as repository of our nation's corporate memories.

Although the National Archive is more popularly visited by academic scholars of our citizens as well as foreign students for research on archived materials, Singaporeans acknowledge with thanks to the hard work of everyone at NAS and the generous contributors to benefit all users to National Archive of Singapore and the National Heritage Board.



Blogger Lam Chun See said...

Hmm .. I like the photo of the ice cream vendor. James you shd number your photos so that we can refer to them more easily.

November 18, 2010 at 8:31 PM  
Blogger Thimbuktu said...

Thanks for your tips from Ideas@Work , Chun See.

This is a helpful blog tool which I didn't thought about it earlier.

Your observations on small and minor details are user-friendly improvements to enhance the workshop procedures. Much appreciated.

As advised, I had included the number on every photos from Part 1 to Part 7 of this blog series. In addition, a unique prefix character to each number as MST for Market Street 'Then' and MSN for Market Street 'Now' in the respective section for each category.

Thus Photo No.TACT13 refers to the ice cream vendor under Traders and Craftsmen No.13 for index and reference.

November 20, 2010 at 11:44 AM  

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