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Nov 17, 2010

Same Place, Different Time, Different Journey (Part 5)

Five Foot Way in Chinatown...Then

Photo No.FFWT01

Photo No.FFWT02

Photo No.FFWT03

Photo No.FFWT04

Photo No.FFWT05

Photo No.FFWT06

Photo No.FFWT07

Photo No.FFWT08

Photo No.FFWT09

Photo No.FFWT10

Photo No.FFWT11

Photo No.FFWT12

Photo No.FFWT13

Five Foot Way in Chinatown...Now

Photo No.FFWN01

Photo No.FFWN02

Photo No.FFWN03

Photo No.FFWN04

Photo No.FFWN05

Photo No.FFWN06

Photo No.FFWN07



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