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Aug 1, 2009 Heritage Roadshow IV

"I Heritage Road Show IV" was launched by RADM (NS) Lui Tuck Yew at The Plaza, National Library Building today.

At the I  website, visitors are invited to share their experiences through photos, stories and other print materials.

This discussion thread captures the buzz occuring around the venue for "I Remember SG", the theme for Heritage Road Show IV organized by National Library Singapore.

We celebrate Singapore's 50 years of self-governance by sharing photographs and personal stories on memories of Singapore in the last 50 years at

The following are excerpts from the publicity material distributed at the Road Show:

[What do you recall of your own life against the backdrop of significant events in the last 50 years of Singapore's self-government?

Your experiences and stories form a part of the history of Singapore and we want to hear from you!

If you have written narratives, print materials or photos of these significant events and milestones in your life, do share your life experiences with us at I is the theme of this year’s heritage road show. reflects National Library Singapore's on-going efforts tocreate the world's first, one-stop repository of the people's memories based on the turn-key and nation-building efforts of the nation throughout 1959 – 2009.

Experience and contribute to the making of history via our activities, exhibitions and talks].

If humans were computers (an analogy which is frequently used these days when people talk about their memory capacity and physical capabilities), I noticed that there were many vintage personal computers at the roadshow today : )

They were mostly the XT, AT-286 and AT-386 model "Personal Computers". Some of these PCs may have been upgraded with higher memory chips or other hardware paraphernalia though. One cannot tell by the look of the computer's external design to determine the power of the system.

It is the motherboard that matters. Which version of the Windows or Mac Operating System is the PC running?

"Is the human brain like the memory chip in a computer" will be the blog topic for another post at another time. Thanks for your patience.

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