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Jul 5, 2009

Welcome to "Reading Marathon 2009"

"Reading Marathon 2009" is brought to you by the READ! Singapore team.

The goals of READ! Singapore are:

* Create a vibrant reading culture in Singapore

* Promote a lifelong love of fiction and story-telling; and

* Strengthen community bonds through group discussions.

Readubg fiction is a simple and effective means of relaxing and giving your mind a quick break from its daily routine. As one plunges into a new world and see it through the eyes of a host of dramatis personae, the journey from page to page becomes a process of self-discovery and revelation.

Singaporeans, as a NLB survey in 2003 revealed, tend to restrict their reading to work- or school-related materials. Lack of time or energy were the most-cited reasons that impeded reading for leisure. These responses were worrying in the light of an economy that is becoming more sophisticated and reliant on ideas and intangible sources of innovation.

Excerpt from the National Library Reading Initiative publicity material.

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