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Mar 28, 2009

Another reason for blogging

The "Blog To Express" blog is an occasional blog which I update only occasionally.

I am stating the obvious, I know. I repeat myself to emphasise that I do not update the blog frequently; that I am not a regular blogger or someone who blogs on a daily basis, Some even update their blogs several times a day. After all, I am no longer young and need lots of rest to squeeze my brain juice to put them into words :)

Anyways, since I am a crusader with a self-delegated mission to encourage my contemporaries and seniors to blog, I am often on the lookout a foritori for people to blog.

My friend, Chun See had encountered people who made insinuating remarks about bloggers. Bloggers are not people who want to show off. They just want to use the hassle-free, convenient Internet media to express their views and learning experience based on their personal perspective, to share with like-minded friends. There is no coercion whatsover to inflence people to believe in whatever they write. The readers have the rights to use their own discretion and choose what they want to read...they can exit the blogsite by a single click!

While digging through the thick layers of Googles results on "why people blog" I just found a refreshing one. The title of her blog topic is "I'm Bored So I Blog"!

"My fingers are fiddly.

I want to dig them into flour.

I want to make those lovely blueberry pikelets I’ve seen on someone’s blog. I can smell maple syrup and taste the sweet tartness of blueberries just by looking at that picture.


I am desperately resisting the urge to make mini pancakes at such a late hour.

*takes a deep breath..*

So instead, I blog...."

So here goes....another reason to blog. To beat boredom as an alternative therapy to make good use of time... even in the middle of the night when you couldn't sleep and want to express those thoughts swimming in your head onto your blog.

If you have other reasons for blogging which have not been mentioned in previous posts, please send me your comments and I would be pleased to publish them here, with due credit and thanks to the contributors.



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