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Feb 27, 2008

Straight to the point

This unidentified blogger posted a disclaimer which is blunt and straight to the point:


Stuff on this blog only represents my opinion and none others. I reserved the right as to what is on it. If you do not like its contents and it upsets you in anyway, please LEAVE and DO NOT COME BACK.

I take no responsibility … as to your mental or emotional well-being after you’ve read my blog.

I am as honest as it gets .. and if there is something i like alot, i will tell you .. and share it with you .. and same goes.. when I donch like something.

If you feel a need to be rude or act like a jerkhead after reading my blog, please do it on your own blog.

I DO NOT welcome criticiscm or destructive comments and especially not those that will glorify you, remember this is MY blog. If you spam/flame me, I swear I will hunt you down.


This is the classic example of a blogger who believes in the freedom of speech and expression; frankly telling visitors to the website what he/she thinks straight in the face without beating around the bush.

It is a matter of opinion and the choice of the visitors to enter the website or just leave. The house rules of the blogsite owners have to be respected though.