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Nov 25, 2007

"Introduction to Blogging" Workshop

Participants of the "Introduction to Blogging" workshop at Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club on 25 November, 2007 in the computer class.

A demonstration of registration for a Blogger account, creation of a blog, upload of image file and embedding of a YouTube video clip, posting and update of a new post was included in the workshop program.

During the workshop, the participants also visited Lam Chun See's Good Morning Yesterday blogsite and found the heritage blog interesting.

The following is a video clip from YouTube used for the demonstration:


Nov 24, 2007

Silver Infocomm Day

In celebration of the Active Ageing Festival 2007, the "Silver Infocomm Day" was held at the Silver Infocomm Junction, Level 8, Junction 8 Shopping Center Office Tower on Saturday, 24 November, 2007.

Mr Lam Chun See, National Heritage Board, spoke on "Blog today on"

At 55, Mr Lam is one of the oldest bloggers in Singapore. He
started his blog, Good Morning Yesterday
( in September 2005 to share
stories about life in Singapore in the 'kampong' days. Mr Lam's blog has
been featured in numerous media. He is also one of the editors of, the meta-blog by the National Heritage Blog.

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Lam Chun See's Talk

Is blogging difficult and intimidating for you?

There is a misconception among some seniors that blogging is technically very difficult, and thus is only suited for the young and internet savvy.

Hence, many seniors have not taken up this interesting and beneficial pastime. This session will discuss the many benefits blogging offers and how seniors can make use of blogging to socialise and reminisce about the good old days with friends.

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Wireless Blog Update

Testing wireless update to the "Blog to Express" blog.

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