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Oct 7, 2007

Why Blog?

Go ahead. Blog. Express yourself. Say what you think. What you think may be different from what other people thinks. But never mind. You are you and not everybody in the world (or “cyberworld”) all think alike.

“Blogosphere” does not want to set rigid rules; so much so that it will kill creative thoughts. It was Apple Computers which started the “Be Different” crusade when the Mac was launched.

Say whatever you like as long as it does not break the law of your country or harm lives, harm animals, harm plants or harm yourself; cause social unrest and street demonstrations through the spread of malicious rumors, commit character assasination, incite violence, slander or instigate racial or religious disharmony.

Create more “cyberspace” for yourself and for others.

Respect the views of others even if they are different from those of your own.

People blog about everything and anything under the sun. More often than not, when they blog under the moon, it is about their sweet memories of the romantic kind. In fact, they blog under every weather condition….in summer, autumn, spring or fall; in the rain, during thunderstorm. They express their feelings when they are happy, when they are sad, when they laugh, when they cry, when they love, when they hate; in every imaginable emotional experience. Its very human, I think.

But sometimes they fake it, deliberately just for fun or to cloak their true feelings.

They blog as personification of their favorite pet dog, cat, even fishes ;) Yes, they blog by proxy to express how non-human (not including spirits and ghosts but I’m not sure) feel about the human world.

Whenever I read in the news about people of countries quarrel with another countries, I reflect about the human world versus the futuristic world when our world are visited by the aliens (eg the Martians) one day in the future after we have left this world and it is inherited by our ascendents many generation later.

There’s an unwritten law on “Blogosphere” that you are responsible unto yourself, and those who strip their thoughts in public to cause harm or incite violence will have to bear the undesired consequences. There are the so-called “Out-of-Bound” markers or OB Markers defined by the authorities in their respective countries.

We do not have to shout, curse or use abusive language to get ourselves heard, to get our messages across to people who happen to drop in to our blog site. With just a click of the mouse or a keystroke, they can easily go elsewhere and never to return to a blog which they think will disturb their minds or change their way of life.

Some may flame us, provoke us, poke us, and challenge us to a never-ending “War Of Words” (WOW) which may set us wondering… “Hey, why do I ever want to start such a blog; spent so much time…writing hundreds and thousands of words which end up in a thrash bin, or worse. Bad thoughts are spread around like wild fire to make our lives miserable. Get out quickly before we become befuddled and become entrapped in a "brainwave short-circuit".

A Boolean search on Google for “why people blog” gets 18,200 hits; while a simple "why blog" returns 432,000...isn't that mind-boggling (or mind-googling).

I will not be spending so much time on that kind of research which could take years to do. Someone else might be working on such a marathon project already, who knows?

The following are some reasons why people find joy in blogging. If you blog to enjoy, please use these as a reference point:

1. A good way to practice creative writing
2. Learn new skills and share experiences from people with similar interests
3. Bring joy to where you dwell
4. Grow better plants
5. Cook tastier food
6. Kill boredom

The long list goes on…..with bits and pieces here and there from blog sites I stumbled on:

“That’s it.
I’ve finally caved in to peer pressure (everyone has a blog BUT me!), unwillingness to write the same story a thousand times to different people, and being caught out at work typing a really long email when I should be, well..working”.

“It's good because my friends and family are all helps to keep people updated on my life...even on the little things in life (which btw, I sometimes think holds just as much importance)”.