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Nov 5, 2015

White Feather. Black Skin.

Take a one look at the blog title, this is a shocking, offensive racist topic.

Please read on and let me express on the blog.

Have you ever seen a black chicken?  The black-feathered Silkie chicken is black-pigmented right down to its bones. 

Silkie chickens are a highly-prized breed of chicken that has beautiful silky white plumage, and startlingly black skin.

This is the traditional herbal black chicken soup I had for lunch at a coffee shop near my workplace.

My health-conscious pioneer generation friends would like to share this food diet tips on the blog.

I was wondering whether this type of "halal health food" could be prepared by my Muslim friends at home or sold at restaurants or food centers in Singapore.

The "halal" herbal black chicken soup stall-holders could be licensed by MUIS to Muslim customers.

The Singapore Religious Council better known as MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) is the sole authority in Singapore which can certify restaurants, manufacturing facilities, food outlets etc as Halal. MUIS is a statutory board setup to advise the President of Singapore on all matters relating to Islam in Singapore.

MUIS has a long track record on halal certification and is well respected for developing processes and methodologies to ensure credibility of its certification. It has also introduced the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ), an initiative to boost the credibility of its Halal certification mark internationally. 



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