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Mar 26, 2013

Jack Neo's NS Memories

Award-winning movie Director Jack Neo of Singapore
Director Jack Neo with his newcomers Ah Boys in his film
Veteran stars Irene Ang (left) and Richard Low (right), the cast of "Ah Boys to Man
A still from "Ah Boys to Men", depicting Ken Chow's departure for Tekong.

After I posted my personal blog "Memories of National Service in Singapore" here , I watched a brand new Jack Neo film "Ah Boys To Men" on DVD at home.

Every Singaporeans who have completed  national service BMT over the decades are familiar with many of the scenes in the movie. These are the stories of Jack Neo and the national service stories in the lives of  fellow Singaporeans.  Same. Same. But different to every individual throughout their journey in Singapore.

The memories of National Service in Singapore have been written in books, newspapers, magazines and various other media channels.

However, for the first time ever in Singapore, home-bred Singaporean film Director Jack Neo has produced and directed the movie "Ah Boys To Men".  Indeed, Jack Neo is a creative and talented young guy with great movie ideas, memories, observations and recorded dialogues and conversations to be used in the film.

For instance, splendid efforts and skills to base the film on national service training at Pulau Tekong in the 1980s.  The army uniform, the weapons and equipments, the furniture in the camp and barracks and the buildings to be authentic.  The physical environment and training condition in Pulau Tekong today is very different today though.

The word "ambitious" neatly sums up Singapore director Jack Neo's upcoming new film "Ah Boys to Men".

The film, which is made in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of National Service (NS) in Singapore, revolves around the lives of four young men undergoing Basic Military Training and costs a cool S$3 million to make.

In Jack Neo's interview by Angel Leung for "The Making of 'Ah Boys to Men" promo, he said:

(JN) At this jetty, there is this walkway which we call, "The Emotional Walkway".

(JN) How should I say?  Because the recruits have strong emotions towards this emotional walkway. They exit with joy but enter with a heavy heart.

(AY)  So what makes you want to make a military subject film?

(JN)  In the 1980s, while I was still in the army, I have always been hoping to have at least a chance to direct or act in such a film.  Coincidentally it was NS45, and MINDEF granted us special permission to film in the actual training grounds at Pulau Tekong.

They also lent us many equipments, weapons, etc for the film.  Everyone is very familiar with the surroundings of this place.

"The Making of 'Ah Boys to Men' Part 1 of 2 Promo"

"The Making of 'Ah Boys to Men' Part 1 of 2 Promo"

Please share our nostalgic memories as our journey from "Ah Boys to Men" in our lives.



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