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Oct 12, 2011

Changi Simei Community Club

Changi Simei Community Club

Changi Simei Community Club

Congratulations to Changi Simei CC on its 10th Anniversary. Another milestone for Changi Simei Community Club to celebrate 10 years and beyond; to grow from strength to strength.

I am pleased to blog on Changi Simei CC which is located in Simei, where I live for over 20 years with my family.

"Over the years, we have seen the CC grow and expand, to meet the changing needs of the residents, not just in brick and mortar, but more importantly in connecting with residents"
Ms Jessica Tan Soon Neo,
Advisor to East Coast GRC Grassroots Organisations &
Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC.

Changi Simei CC's Humble Beginning

Changi Community Centre c 1958. Photo Credit: National Archives of Singapore.

Changi Community Centre c 1964. Photo Credit: National Archives of Singapore.

Pulau Ubin Community Centre in 1990.

Changi Simei CC at Block 148 Simei Street 1 in 1996. Photo Credit: Changi Simei CC.

In the 1960s, community centres in Changi district were more like outposts in the wilderness spreading far and wide; including on the offshore islands of Pulau Tekong and Pulau Ubin. Back then, community centres were simple, unadorned zinc and wooden buildings and dotted across farms and villages as central hubs of activities for the community.

Life was simple and the pace slower. The community centres offered a common space for entertainment, lifelong learning and social interaction. When resettlement came, people moved into modern flats located at brand new HDB towns. Villages were emptied out.

The ageing community centres became vacant buildings, as residents moved into metropolitan housing estates. Newer community clubs catered to the nouveau urbanised residents.

The residents were thrilled to have a community space to hold events and festive celebrations.

Today, the Changi Simei Community Club (CC) bears a marked difference in its physical appearance compared to other CCs while offering a cosy, family ambience. Throughout the past ten years, Changi Simei CC has kept its pace with the ever-changing community. As more condominiums and private housing became part of the landscape, the CC's diverse range of programmes expanded to include lifestyle and leisure activities to attract a wider clientele. Space was a real premium. There was just not enough available land for a sprawling commumity club. Again, the management committee went on a creative bent, and came up with a unique solution of closing an existing road. Until today, it is the only design of its kind in Singapore.

The Changi Simei Community Club is like a second home to residents. Children laugh with friends as they skip their way to make it in time for ballet or taekwondo classes. Grandparents meet at the cafetaria for a drink and a chat with old friends. Other residents drop in to read newspapers or magazines offered in the four main languages. Young working adults attend yoga, cardio aerobics or dance classes at one of the two main dance studios. Residents can choose from more than 600 programmes, ranging from public speaking to yoga to dancing.

While big plans have been envisioned, some things remain the same. Changi Simei Community Club will continue to serve residents with even more enhanced service and comprehensive programmes to contribute towards the continued well-being of a happy and harmonious community.

To keep up with times, the "My Home in Simei" group on Facebook for online connection of the Internet-savvy young generation and the increasing number of active ageing senior citizens to link the social media network.

However, the online connections of the residents cannot substitute the neighbourhood "happening place" at the community club to live, work and play...where family, neighbours and friends meet in persons for the activities to participate in healthy living, learn and study, sports and games for recreation for everyone at the Changi Simei Community Club.

Ms Jessica Tan at the Changi Simei CC 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Changi Simei CC 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Changi Simei CC 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Photo Credit: Changi Simei CC.

Source: Changi Simei CC 2001 to 2011 Souvenir Magazine



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