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Sep 15, 2010

Ideas @ Work

Book cover: "Ideas @ Work"

Good News!

Lam Chun See of "Good Morning Yesterday" has just published his first book "Ideas @ Work" - Tapping employee ideas for higher productivity. Please find out more here .

As a trainer and consultant of National Productivity Board and Hoshin Consulting, Chun See would certainly benefit his readers the book on "Ideas @ Work" on SSS and increase productivity where minds work.

The improvement of machines, technology and system processes work with ideas of the human brain; man-made, not cloned.

As I was often reminded a quotation of my former boss: "God gives you a brain to use; not to keep it in the fridge...".

In the course of over three decades of working life, I am grateful to be employed by several enlightened employers in the civil service, statutory boards and private business companies.

I remembered the first training as a clerk in the civil service thirty years ago, I attended a "Staff Induction Course" to pass what was known as a Instruction Manuals (I.M) in the olden days.

Subsequently, the staff are required a mandatory training roadmap annually. Most of the trainings are work-related such as Staff Suggestion Scheme (SSS), Quality Control Circle (QCC), On-the-job-training (OJT), "Singapore Quality Award" (SQA) boot-camp by SPRING Singapore, handling of difficult customers, etc. These training may be conducted by external professional training schools or in-house training.

I believe that trainings make a difference! Education never ends!

Unk Dicko's "A Gathering of Bloggers and the 4 Authors" , as the interesting blog title suggests.

Too bad I missed this happy occasion to celebrate the book launch of Chun See and fellow "Friends of Yesterday" (FOY). Congratulations...Chun See and the other blogger authors Wee Kiat, Victor Koo and Unk Dicko to be published "akan datang".

Not to be forgotten another "Blogs of The Same Feather" is Derek Tait, a seasoned blogger and veteran author from the United Kingdom with a loads of old Singapore photos and enriched personal experience on "Memories of Singapore in the 1960s" .

Looking forward to more books published by fellow bloggers and share them their ideas in various media channels for everyone to learn. Cheers!



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