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Aug 21, 2013

Who's "Good Earth" Is This Anyway?

East Coast land reclamation in Singapore in 1966 to create more land for public housing.

Every generation on this universe embrace the good earth (land) like "Mother Earth" with love and gratitude.

Who's "Good Earth" is this anyway?

Without land, where can people stay in a "borrowed place at a borrowed time" in this temporal world?

Every country big or small, every person on this earth, cannot claim to belong to this land forever.

Every government of every country are the custodians to make use of our land to cultivate, to develop, to build the best ways for the people the next generations and the future to have their homes for shelter, till the land for agriculture ...

I used to think we had all the time we need
To plow the field and to plant the seed.
But, now I realize the darkened skies
say night is stealing on.
But, while we wait, it's growing late and day is gone.

[Song written by Ronnie Hinson]
In modern times,  land is utilised by the country's authorities for the citizens to cater to an ever increasing population for economic reasons to provide jobs for the citizens, build schools for the education of the next generations, to provide hospitals for the elderly sick, modern amenities and office buildings for businesses, the factories and industrial parks, transportation by sea, land and air, places for recreation for everyone. 

We love our country, we love our "Good Earth"!



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