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Oct 27, 2012

Just Married

"Just Married" car plate (above) in 1950 and the one (below) in 2012

Just two simple words "Just Married" announced to the whole world in different ways and styles five decades ago then and now.  One to create a lot of noises with a string of canned tins tied to the back of the wedding car as it moved off on the road; while the latest "Just Married" announcement on Facebook on the marriage of Desmond and Yueting.

In 1950, my Delta Primary School teacher Jessie Wee (author of "The Adventures of Mooty" book series for children) was married in Peranakan tradition and customs.  She was also my neighbor at Bukit Ho Swee kampong before the fire.  Ms Wee  was my favorite English Language teacher in Primary 5 and she had sent me a colorful postcard when she and her husband had honeymoon in Maxwell Hill in Malaysia.

I remember how I watched Ms Wee and her husband in their wedding car driving off from their marital home at Beo Lane and at the boot of the car tied with the "Just Married" car plate and a string of used condensed milk cans with lots of noise to attract the attention of the Bukit Ho Swee neighbors.  I was curious something new to me because it was the first time I had seen this kampong wedding in style.

The color photo of the "Just Married" car plate was taken on 19 October, 2012  when Desmond Siah and Derraine Xueting Zhuo were married in "MediaCorp TV style" in Singapore.

Wedding of Desmond & Xueting on 19th October, 2012 at Concorde Hotel, Singapore
Videographer : Sky (Peperos production).

Desmond is the eldest son of  David Siah, Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Seah Clan Association (新加坡佘氏公会) which we both belong to the same surname and the SSCA Committee.  

I was invited to attend "A Celebration of Love - Desmond & Xueting" at the Concorde Hotel, Singapore on Friday, 19 October, 2012.

Since I had previously posted a nostalgia blog on "Ways Done in the Past" here , I would like to blog on latest fashion for celebrating wedding reception in grand style in Singapore today.

Solemnisation of the Marriage

Wedding Reception at Concorde Hotel

David Siah and his invited guest
Xueting's Family at the wedding reception
David Siah, Desmond Siah and invited guests

Debbie Siah, sister of Desmond with invited guest Thimbuktu
Xueting with her 2nd sister.
Xueting, Desmond with Xueting's Dad (wearing mustache) and a relative
Desmond's Mum and youngest sister
Here comes the bride...

The handsome guy and the lovely gal are the MCs at the wedding reception
Dad after the handover ceremony by his daughter. Xueting's 2nd sister behind him...
Bride and bridegroom performing the cake-cutting ceremony

Thanksgiving speech by Desmond

Xueting's tears of joy and love in her 2nd sister's arms...
Loving moments to remember for the hugs from sister

Please have a sumptious dinner  to enjoy, folks!


Congratulations and best wishes to Desmond and Xueting on their marriage on 19 October, 2012.



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