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Sep 27, 2012

From Ferris Wheel Joyride to Singapore Flyer

I remember this ferris wheel joyride in the Great World Amusement Park which I rode many times when I was ten years old in 1958. The ticket per ride was 20 cents or 30 cents each. It was located directly opposite the Globe Theatre and operated only in the evening.

It wasn't very its highest point on top of the ferris wheel, I could see the roof of Globe Theatre and the roof-top of the former "Times House"  facing the back entrance of Great World Park at Kim Seng Road.

It was an experience which I thought was fun to ride on the ferris wheel the first time in my life.

My favorite kiddie ride in Great World Park was the racing cars with speed and excitement (not like Singapore F1 or Grand Prix though).

There was no thrill or excitement compared to the joyrides my children often visited Uncle Kenny Fun World at Parkway Parade in Singapore.  I blogged "A New Generation Funworld" at Singapore Memory Portal .

If somebody said "I wasn't born yet..." please do not assume that these words are mentioned by a young child.

Yours truly, 63-year-old Thimbuktu, would honestly declare that "I wasn't born yet in 1930".  But not a child.

The description of this photo: "Night scene of a bazaar with ferris wheel in the background" was taken in 1930 and contributed by Mr Lee Hin Ming, a professional photographer. With acknowledgement and thanks to National Archives of Singapore for the archived photos posted on this blog.

Any nostalgia friend could share with us the answer of this place in Singapore where this photo was taken long ago in 1930. Thank you in advance.

Other than the "three worlds" of my times - Great World, New World and Happy (later Gay) World amusement parks in Singapore,  there's Wonderland Park in Kallang in the 1980s with a bigger ferris wheel as shown in these two photos below:

Other Joyrides in Wonderland Park, Singapore

Does this look like the miniature MRT trains in the early days?

My blogger friend, Jerome Lim's "Wonderland and the thrill of Bangkok" here .

Go experience the ferris wheel of today in Singapore at the Singapore Flyer . The Real Thing!

In the not too distant future, would kids be taking flights in spacecrafts as common as the planes now to Mars or some other planets in the galaxy...



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