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Feb 15, 2010

"Year of the Tiger" - 2010

Greetings from Master De Hui
"虎年吉祥" - "Year of the Tiger 2010".

There are unendless interesting blogs about creatures of big and small...tortoise, birds, elephant, then monkeys Derek Tait whatever happened in the Botanical Gardens and more to share their blog topics after the holiday seasons.

While we celebrate the Lunar New Year for a break until all our blogger friends next continue with birds, bees, animals and Martians, lets enjoy the traditional "Lo Hei" for all of us in the family here:

In the Year of the Tiger, every bite comes with a backstory. Find out the meaning behind each traditional feast to welcome in the Chinese New Year.


Yu sheng literally means ‘fish raw’ and is a homophone for ‘abundance’. It therefore symbolises a life of plenty, which in turn implies prosperity and luck. This raw fish salad is typically made up of over 25 ingredients, each signifying various routes to success. As you can guess, the list goes on, and it proves lots of luck for all of us.

May and Vincent arrived Friday, February 12, 2010 about 8:00 pm after travelling almost 16 hours home from UK.

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, its our traditional "Reunion Dinner" at home.

This "Year of the Tiger" 2010, its our simple, "Lo Hei" and once for the great get-together with Vincent to join us for this first wonderful family reunion dinner you know how it was like in the photos. Of course, especially Vincent who also enjoyed cleaning up the dish-washes with make it fun for us.

Lunar New Year Eve celebration for home-made music festivities for the family too!

Update CNY first day visits on 14 Feb, 2010 for family albums:



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